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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Email in: 2000 Grey Knights Interceptors

"Sup Kirby!? Goober here; wanted to get your take on a Interceptors list I'm thinking about trying. I took a look
at the GM/Purifiers list you had up a little while ago and wanted to try it out with Interceptors, so here goes...

Grand Master w/Rad grenades, Psychotroke grenades, Blind grenades,Incinerator 225pts
Inquisitor Coteaz 100pts
Venerable Dreadnought w/2x Twin-linked autocannons, psybolt ammunition 195pts
6xAcolytes w/Bolters , Razorback w/twin-linked assault cannons, psybolt ammunition 115pts
6xAcolytes w/Bolters , Razorback w/twin-linked assault cannons, psybolt ammunition 115pts
10xInterceptors w/2x Psycannons, 2xhammers, Personal Teleporters 300pts
10xInterceptors w/2x Psycannons, 2xhammers, Personal Teleporters 300pts
Nemesis Dread Knight w/Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Greatsword, Personal Teleporter 270pts
Nemesis Dread KNight w/Heavy Psycannon, 2xNemesis Doomfists, Personal Teleporter 245pts
Dreadnought w/twin-linked autocannons, psybolt ammunition 135pts

Let me know what you think about the Dread Knights because I'm a bit iffy on them, but two squads of 10 Interceptors
just didn't seem scary enough for me.With grandstrat I can make my Interceptors scoring so Ive got that covered, but as far
as total firepower, I'm probably a bit light. Maybe maneuverability will help me mitigate my lack of fire power though?"

You're relying too much on Grand Strategy here, if you roll a one you're stuck with 10 MEQ + 12 GEQ scoring bodies, not a lot at 2000 points. Personally, one squad of Interceptors is great for this role as you'll always be able to make them scoring and jump around the battlefield and then use the other scoring options elsewhere and consider them as a bonus. With that in mind, drop one Interceptor squad.

Also, those Dreadknights are way too expensive. If you want to run Dreadknights you want to keep them as cheap as possible such as Heavy Incinerator + Personal Teleporter. Still expensive due to the PT but less of a points sink. Regardless, these are better off as Psyfledreads (replacing the Venerable one as well) to give you the usual solid S8 firepower Grey Knights love at range.

With the rest of your points fill out your Troops with more Passback based Acolyte squads - I'd run two as Psybacks as well for a more backfield oriented unit. With the spare points grab a Paladin squad for the Grandmaster and Coteaz to hang out with - a squad of around five to six will take you pretty close to 2000 points and in the end, you've basically taken the Purifiers and replaced them with a Paladin and Interceptor squad. So more combat firepower and mobile infantry but less tanks and a bit less firepower.

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