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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Imperius Dominatus: Being a Realist or a Quitter?

Imperius Dominatus: Being a Realist or a Quitter?: So I recently played a game vs a friend of mine. It was a big bash of 2500 points on a heavy terrain board that looked like this: It ...

So I have been in both situations.  Quitting before u lose is not always a bad idea as it may salvage the social contract.   Now that being said a opponent that is winning and just wants to table you is pretty crappy and at that point just wants to win and not have a fun time.  A over serious opponent or a over stupid acting opponent can lead to a early quit.  Not a big deal and as long as the other personal just accepts it and moves on vs drag it out and constantly ask if u are ok or something.

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