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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dark Eldar in 5th

This was brought on by BoLS, specifically RealGenius and the comments there that seem to insult DE. I've always had a soft spot for DE but never collected them as I've never found their models fantastic + when I was younger didn't have the moneys. Here's a quick look at a 2K DE list. As has been mentioned before they don't scale very well because all of their slots are filled up and they really only have one viable build (you can build around this concept but DL spam + Ravagers is um good?).

Let's look:

2x Dracon w/Warrior Retinue w/2x DL
Raider w/DL, nightshields

3x 5x Wyches w/2x Shredder
Raider w/DL, nightshields

6x 5x Warrior w/DL
Raider w/DL, nightshields

3x Ravager w/3x Disintegrator, nightshields

that should be bang on 2k if I can remember and I'm sure you've seen some lists very similar or exactly like this about. Again DE have a really, really good list and that's about it; hopefully their new dex in 2011 (or 2010 or 2020...) will fix that. Let's look at some totals:
21 DLs
9 Disintegrators
57 infantry
6 shredders
14 vehicles w/nightshields

Tactics: I sit back and shoot you. You get close, I shoot more.

You have 14 vehicles to contend with, excellent anti-tank and anti-infantry (disintegrators & shredders) which outrange you and have the added 6" benefit from nightshields.

Stop saying DE are bad. Stop saying DE mech is fail and mech is peaking. If this is what DE is now? With expensive vehicles (ok honestly a Raider w/DL & Nightshields is worth a chimera but we have to pay for nightshields!). See why open-topped is okay in this army? Lots of vehicles, lots of killy of everything and it outranges you (doesn't need to get close). Imagine DE without open-topped.

6 pinkments:

Kaney said...

This list is nice. If it is actually bang on 2k, i really cnt see anyway to improve it. Meh at playing against this list if it had first turn. Infantry platoons FTW! lolz...

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe anyone would consider Mech DE weak. Yes there's a steep-ish learning curve but when I see that sitting across the table from me, I usually start panicking.

Always remember that you're about as tough as tissue paper and you should be fine. Hitting like a bear dual-wielding chainsaws more than compensates. Are my metaphors tortured enough yet?

Vinsanity said...

Back a few years ago, there were a fair few DE players at my GW store. Some were good, some were not so good. I played the good players quite a lot with different armies of mine.

Ive never beaten DE with chaos or marines, they just have such a large advantage over MEQs that its always one sided :(

But in my experience, IG is one of the only armies that can scare DE armies. Outshoot them and just have more bodies and overwhelm the DE with shooting and numbers...

What do u think?

Unknown said...

back when I played in the US when I was a wee lad I played DE quite a bit as out of the top 5 or so players there 3 were DE, 1 was eldar (me; toottoot!) and 1 was SM and we'd generally lock out the semi's of Tournaments and Leagues.

Digression though, DE are one of the most powerful armies out there currently with such a build. They put a horrendous amount of firepower out it's just not funny. The foot armies out there which are good (SW/Tyranids) really get scared shitliss by such a list and have to hope they can survive early on and they are able to shake enough and then smash them in combat (sounds like Orks lol). Eldar/Tau/IG and to a degree SM/SW Mech can deal with them at range but are still aiming for as many shakes as possible as quickly as possible. Too many people playing against this list go for the kill on the raiders. Stop. If you shake it, move to the next one. Hell that's good advice against most armies lol.

Anywho, if GW made good DE models I'd run this list. It's just evil. Hopefully new codex whenever it comes out will keep something similar, offer new options and new models which look good.

MagicJuggler said...

Funny, I mention I use a list similar to this on 40konline, and they say it's the worst list they've ever seen (that and Immospam)...I tell you, that place is almost worse than Warseer.

Unknown said...

Aye if I could find a DE bundle deal I'd prob get my old army back up and running but ya... wait for new codex is looking likely.

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