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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tervigon & Bases arrived

Well people here's a little preview shot of the mommy Tyranid (names suggestions please!). It's not completely done with touch ups needed (and obviously the base & the scything talons) but thought I'd pop it up here to show people. Not my best work since I'm doing this at speed but not too bad either. I rather enjoy the top carapace highlight/drybrush as it worked really well so might try that on my SM/Eldar tanks in the future as I think it looks a lot better than my current large surface areas. Hope this looks more like a pooper rather than an eater but hard to see the egg sac due to the legs without picking up the model. Birth canal (aka the giant gun) not too happy with so will most likely not  have it on the 2nd one. Also there is a pic of all my bases which arrived whilst I was at the missus. They need a bit of cleaning up and am a mildly disappointed some of the crystals got knocked about but I guess it is a battlefield... Kudos to Back 2 Base-ix again for such beautiful bases!

C&C welcome.

3 pinkments:

The Wolf's Lunch said...

Pooping Gun!
Looks good, and that's a whole lotta bases.

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good!

Chumbalaya said...


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