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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hello everyone,

A few things to start. For downright tactical advice I think your best bet is YTTH. Stelek has a much better appreciation of the way books work a lot quicker than myself. Whilst I am happy to give a helping hand I will primarily be using this blog to raise significant differences of opinions I run into on Warseer, anything to do with my army and anything that tickles my fancy.

Also a note, you will often find me long-winded. It's from my mother's side (she's British).

So a bit about how I view 40k. Most of the time my games are "hard" or use well balanced lists unless I'm helping someone new or am requested to. I hate comp and rules changes. Making the best army list you can with the GW rules and books is "unfair" and thus people have to make the best army list with arbitary changes. I find this annoying. Personally there is nothing a balanced list can't handle and a list that is tailored against balanced lists (for example melta spamming against my Mech marines) is going to fold quite easily against another list (i.e. horde for this example). A balanced list by definition has a good chance of winning against any list assuming equal generalship and dice rolls. To me that is fun. Beating up on crappy comp lists isn't.

So without filling this page up I will post a couple things up quickly and then likely not for a while. Game tomorrow though so will hopefully have some info on that!

Cheers all and thanks for stopping by.


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