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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tyrannofex Conversion

Okay well I've been working on this quite a bit today (i.e. an hour...woo). I'm no great shakes at modelling so am quite impressed with myself on this one but don't blame me for the shoddy modelling! It's good for me but not for some others out there. I used an old 3rd edition carnifex and bits you get from the old MC sprue + a lot of greenstuff. My inspiration is of course the artwork on page 53 of the Nid Codex. I've tried to go for the hunched to the ground but can still swing it's claws in a "stay away" fashion. Need to add the stacks on the back (maybe plasticard?) and the middle legs which will be pointed backwards as in the picture. Stupidly I modelled the guy without a base so when I put him on a base...the claws are 5mm in the air. >.<. Will fix that somehow but ideas are welcome...

He's going to be armed with the Stranglethron cannon, Cluster Spines and Acid Spray (not sure how I'll model the Spray...).

Anyways thoughts would be great on how he's turning out! Still need to do another layer of GS tomorrow morning before work. Haven't done the right arm (left in picture) muscle/tendon extension to torso and there is a gap behind the head which I will layer the GS up on. Thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated!

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Vinsanity said...

Looks ok to me :) He looks like hes huddling over, stalking or something... Good for cover saves I guess ^^

Justice said...

commenting cause Kirby sent me lots of <3's.... :P

but yeah; pretty awesome; cant wait to see it painted

Kaney said...

Nice, simple conversion. I think he would look better standing a lil taller, or maybe a more arched back? But is nice :-).

Umm kirby... how effective do u think a stranglethorn cannon would be on a tyrannofex? haha

Kirby said...

The hunched pose is to try and resemble the crab like look from the book.

2 S10 shots a turn, even at BS3 gives the Nids some oh shizniz anti-tank. Add in the W6/T6/2+ and short ranged weapons he has and he's an advancing behemoth.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's the Rupture Cannon, not the Stranglethorn. And the Rupture Cannon replaces the Acid Spray.

Stinger Salvo I think would be easy if you just take a number of old flesh hooks (which are only on the Lictors now) and line them up on the back from the front like arrows, and when it shoots, it releases them like rapid fire!

-- Colonel Marksman

Kirby said...

Woops sorry. Thanks for picking that up Colonel. Pretty sure it's right in my army list lol.

All of my pieces are currently 2nd or 3rd ed Nids so got flesh hooks out the wazoo :), will try it out when I get home. Does anyone know how many back carapace pieces the Carnifexes come with? THinking of using them for my Tervigons and left over pieces to buff up my Tfexes.

Anonymous said...

You get 3 carapaces per Carnifex kit.

If you play your cards right you can get a Tervigon and a Carnifex out of the same kit, provided you have some extra talons and some clay.

I like the conversion although he is a bit too hunched for my liking, and he could use 2 more legs IMO.

Anonymous said...

I just finished a photo post that should show you what I mean:

Kirby said...

Thanks chaosgerbil (only just noticed these, silly comment system).

I tried to hunch him over like in the Codex without making him look like he's simply a giant mushroom with legs. He will be getting a 3rd set of legs but painting him first.

Will check out your link :).

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