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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Email in: A message of thanks

I tried out your modified Tau list for the first time today and managed to completely table an IG tank-heavy force while only losing two units of kroot and a single unit of fireknives. By turn 4 there wasn't much left to do but mop up. So thanks for all your help and inspiring tactical advice: I feel it's improved me significantly as a player.


E-mails like this make me happy! Glad you're having success Poly. What changes did you end up making? Any battle-reports would be great!

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Chumbalaya said...


Poly said...

Aint I just the cutest. Looking back, I realised I was only using my 1500pt list in a 1750pt game. I forgot to take my Piranhas. Somehow this only makes me feel worse for my opponent.

-Broadsides/Pathfinders were the game winners. They took out 5 Leman Russes over three turns. In deference to you I took plasma, which didn't end up being used at all. He tried to outshoot me, so not much really got into range.
-Kroot screens should be small, outflanking kroot should be large. On a whim I outflanked a 12 strong unit (since he wasn't planning to advance) and they got beaten in CC by veterans.
-In a pinch, empty devilfish can do a piranha's job by blocking vehicles.
-Fireknives were a mixed bag. My first unit (with a cheap) shas'el lost a suit turn 1 to a volley from 3 russes (hooray cover), failed their morale check and fled off the board (boo dice I suppose). Still T1, the second unit also bit a template and were reduced to a single model. Said fireknife passed morale and proceeded to distract/delay a banewolf and an infantry squad long enough that the obligatory 6-man FW squad snapped up the objective they were gunning for.

Kirby said...

I want to point out I did not advocate PRs on the broadsides :P. And I think you'll find Tau is often like that Poly and quite often most good lists are against bad lists. I've had a few occasions where I realise I had a 1750 list or couldn't add against a 2k list. Makes you feel kinda bad but then your nerd awesome button kicks in =D.

Anyways, glad the list is working. That is the problem with suits but it's what Tau are stuck with atm.

Poly said...

Whoops, deference was the wrong word there. What's the word to mean "what the person said not to do, despite following the rest of what they said". It's something similar.

The_King_Elessar said...

lol - Congrats on the success. :)

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