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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DH & WH screw up

Well GW has annouced the printed version of the DH & WH armies are standing pat, you can still use allies. This certainly helps Daemonhunters be useful and can provide IG armies with psychic defense and give Witchunters two builds (Immo spam and Immo spam w/IG platoons). Rather odd of them to make this oversight but *shrug*. Would of been very poor PR if GW had changed rules drastically like that online but I might have been happy to actually see it, encouraging sign for potential erratas and FAQs we all wish for. As it stands, everyone's combined armies are still aokay but it'll be interesting to see if Allies remain when the books are re-done.

Also a bit more news on DE has seeped through indicating they might be the next codex (yay? more money to spend :(). Let us see what the day brings.

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Eltnot said...

I'd like to know where this announcement has come from because it's news to me. The fact that they editted the WH codex after it's initial online release to remove the inducted units option kinda makes me think you might be misinformed in this instance. Why remove rules from the pdf version and then announce that you accidentally removed them from the PDF?

Kirby said...

I've asked Stelek for the actual link to the quote.

Eltnot said...

At the moment, they're coming from a guy running a GT, I assume which is from the US and is simply and email.

There's nothing official about it except for a ruling made by someone running a tournament, albeit a GW sponsored one.

In reality, there's nothing official about it from GW as far as I can see. I'm following it closely because it has rather stuffed me up for Quartermaster III.

Eltnot said...

Posted wrong link:

About halfway down the page, someone points out it's just an email, not an official statement.

Kirby said...

Thanks for the link Eltnot. I would imagine GW would endorse the GT statement and customer service statement (but we know what they are like for rules) considering the backlash they have encountered so far but we shall see...

Unlike an errata this is completely invalidating some individual's armies but since there were rumors of Allies being removed anyway, this could be the pre-cursor to this change indicating everyone shouldn't expect to combine two very good books (assuming the new books are good).

Eltnot said...

One of the better ideas that have been put forth is that this move is a precursor for releasing Codex: Grey Knights and Codex: Sisters of Battle. If people are used to not using inducted options and allies for twelve months, then there will be less gnashing of teeth when they release the proper codices.

Still the inability to induct a guard platoon has hurt my WH's quite a bit. I'm currently looking to replace my lost unit with six storm troopers with either grenade launchers or plasma guns and whack them in a chimera to give me a unit that can move up and sit on an objective whilst contributing at least some fire power. Seems to pale a bit in comparison to the 22 guys, three grenade launchers and three missile launchers that I previously had.

Smurfy said...

Thing is..."Um, the free codex's don't detail everything you can buy the actual thing to get all the options you have." Kinda contradictory given that it's supposed to be a courtesy.

Kirby said...

Here's a link from GW:

Use whatever rules you have, PDF does not override codex.

And some pretty pics of Schweet's Brass Scorpion.

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