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Saturday, June 19, 2010

TSon squads, what power?

Well GWvsJohn normally talks about Chaos since he's doing his review but he's disappeared lately (which is rather upsetting) and he's covered Thousand Sons a couple times (I mean, who doesn't love Tzneetch or however it's spelt, I mean like magic. Awesome). I've also covered Chaos psychic powers here. The conclusion would be to take Bolt of Change on TSon squads due the duality concepts discussed here. Unfortunately, H-O doesn't seem to think so and we can see there discussion here (it seems a lot of link backs to H-O lately *sadface*). Let's remember that Thousand Sons are all about low AP shots and they pay for it. Whilst most people take TSons simply because their fluff is awesome, AP3 does come in handy at times when your shooting at things in the open. However, in general they are piss poor at combat and anti-tank. So what power should we be taking?

My immediate reaction is Bolt of Change. These guys are in a Rhino (one hopes at least) and you don't want to hop out of your transport all the time (How not to Fail: 101). This means you want special/heavy weapons like all bunker based Troops out of the top  hatch...but TSons don't have any. Thus your sorc needs to provide in that regard. As was covered in the psychic review Wind of Chaos is okay but limited due to range (so not really want you want top-hatching) but quite expensive. Doombolt is just a waste of points and when you already have mass S4 AP3 from the squad...well you don't want more. Gift of Chaos? Can be amusing but expensive and short-ranged and doesn't really add to unit. Add in unreliable and we shall skip if we want our unit to do anything. When you have the option to bring some duality to the squad whilst maintaining a decent bunker in midfield? Well you take it. This is of course Bolt of Change and works on the same premise of flamer/MM/rhino Tac squads for Vanilla marines. Oh that's right, forums like Warseer think Tac squads suck (and then take 4 of them w/RBacks, Lascannon, flamer, PFist).

Whilst there is some merit in the understanding of making a unit mono-purpose, the Armies in 5th articles on Army Composition should shed some light there. If you are able to make a unit have multiple purposes you're not going to come across a game where they are essentially useless. Imagine versusing a mech list with all this awesome anti-infantry firepower through your TSons but they never get to shoot...wish you spent the points on Bolt of Change now! This is particularly more important in a mono-Tzneetch list as you won't have meltaguns running around in your other Troop slots and CSM in general suffer in this mech edition without good FA choices and unfantastic Elites (though I do love Chosen).

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jabberjabber said...

I agree: Bolt of Change is a great choice for the sorcerer in the squad. I've seen wind of chaos played sometimes as well, but only with squads that zip forward to engage the enemy at close range.

The Wolf's Lunch said...

'who doesn't love Tzneetch or however it's spelt'

So close kirby. Tzeentch, just so that you know for future reference (:

TWL - Oh Noez, capping! *watches comment boxes disappear* :(

Gx1080 said...

Such cool models.

Such fail rules.

Fuck you Gav.

Kirby said...

Thanks Lunch :p lol. Was too lazy to look up proper spelling. Agreed x1000 Gx1080. When CSM get re-released with a proper book, TSons will be back for me (I used to love Disc Sorcs for lols).

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