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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Email in: 1500 Points Space Marine list, request for advice

"Hi Kirby!

I was hoping you could a take a quick gander at my planned 1500 list for using the vanilla Space Marine 'dex. If I go with this list I have 35 points spare, my first instinct is to use them to buy a trio of Hunter Killer missiles, either one on each Rhino and a third on a Predator, or one for each Predator, do you have any opinions on the usage of those last few points? That's of course assuming that the list is even worth making!

Master of the Forge (100), Conversion Beamer (+20) (120)
Scouts x5 (75), Camo cloaks (+15), Missile Launcher (+10), Sergeant Telion(+50) (150)

Dreadnought (105), TL - Auto Cannon x2(+20) (125)
Dreadnought (105), TL - Auto Cannon x2(+20) (125)

Tactical Squad (170), Multi-Melta + Flamer (+0), Rhino (+35) (205)
Tactical Squad (170), Multi-Melta + Flamer (+0), Rhino (+35) (205)

Land Speeder Squadron x2 (100), Multi-Melta x2 (+20), Heavy Flamer (+20) (140)
Land Speeder Squadron x2 (100), Multi-Melta x2 (+20), Heavy Flamer (+20) (140)

Predator (60), Heavy Bolter Sponsons (+25) (85)
Predator (60), Heavy Bolter Sponsons (+25) (85)
Predator (60), Heavy Bolter Sponsons (+25) (85)

Total : 1465 Points

Thanks for your time Kirby, love the blog, keep up the great work man!

Anthony Yeates"

Hey Anthony, good list overall and would make it in a pinch (i.e. drag the models out :P). One recommended change though, MotF to Libby. Both are capable but I think the psychic defense at this stage in the game is more important currently. Whilst the Libby doesn't provide the fire support the MotF does, Null Zone and it's psychic hood make up for it. If you keep the MotF though, switch the Missile Launcher on the Scout squad to a Heavy Bolter. That squad then sticks out 2 blasts which generally wound models on a 2+, pretty decent torrent. If you wanted both HQs you could drop Telion & the HB sponsons on a Pred (this would then be your lead tank) but I think one or the other is fine.

If you don't use the points grabbing a 2nd HQ I'd plop HKs or comb-weapons on the Tac squads or Rhinos. The HKs give you a bigger first turn punch but you don't want to move your Rhinos as much whilst having them on the Preds loses you fire saturation. The combis help late game with whatever you think is necessary (IMO, go flamer) so are a sort of safety net. Overall, solid list and principles though and let us know how your games go.

6 pinkments:

Skellum said...

I'd break up 1 squadron of the speeders into 1 FA slot each but other than that 2 combi flamers, a libby, a pair of meltabombs and you are good to go

Anonymous said...

If you go Libby, drop the scouts for a melta IST squad and don't forget to Rhino shuffle :)

Kirby said...


Anthony Yeates said...

Thanks for the critique guys, much appreciated. =)

As a way to get both HQs in, what would be your opinons on swapping the Tacs/Rhinos with 5 man squads in Razorbacks with either TL - Las or Las/TL Plas? While I do loose the meltas in mid field, I rarley see a large number of things that really need them to be cracked.

Chumbalaya said...

Lose the Scouts and MotF and you can fit in that Razor unit in addition to your 2 Tacticals.

I think it's fine as is, but a Libby never hurts.

Kirby said...

What Chumby said is an excellent option and is basically what I do at 2k. You lose some anti-infantry firepower but you've got the dakka preds compared to AC/LC preds so that should be fine. I'd keep the Tac rhinos though as they give you midfield presence at this points level.

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