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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Email in: Tyranid army


I've been following your blog for a while as I get myself back in to warhammer after a break for a few years. Anyway nice blog but reading can only get you so far...

To get me back in to the hobby i'm going to create a small tyranid force to play against a group of friends in similar positions. We will be starting at 500pts, which from what I am finding is quite a restriction for tyranids.

My current thinking for the army list is as follows,

Tyranid Prime with lash whip and bone sword and a deathspitter - 100

2 x Hive Gaurd - 100

3 x Tyranid Warriors with scything talons and devourer's with 1 venom cannon - 105

7 x Genestealers - 98

16 x Hormagnauts - 96

This is the list I have so far but I'm not sure where to take it from here.

Any ideas, or even musing's, you have towards this list would be great!

If there are any mistakes I appologise, but the auto correct on my phone is killing me!


Hey Dan, glad you're enjoying the blog and get playing! Best way to learn ^^. In regards to your army you're correct in pointing out 500 pts is a major restriction, is really for any army but with Tyranids often relying on 250pt Troops to form the basis of their army + expensive MC back-up, well it's going to be difficult. What I would suggest if you don't really care about losing in the early stages as you guys build up your points, is decide what points level you want to aim for and decide on a list you want at that level. You can then start adding units as closely as possible to the final list as you go up. Whilst it may not be always balanced and you might have trouble in the lower points, it'll pay off in the long run.

If you don't wish to do that, I'd recommend dropping the Genes for more Hormagaunts but also grab the points for a 3rd Hive Guard (you should still have enough for 2 Hormaguant squads then) and split the Hive Guard into 3x1 units. This gives you some fair anti-tank and high S weaponry early on (and most lists will have HG in the end) whilst a good swarm base supported and kept together by the Warriors.

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chris.bibliophile said...

Agree with kirby on pretty much everything here. Nids struggle at these point values, so be prepared for an uphill battle. If you're interested, here's how i'd do 500 pt nids.

- Prime w/ Sword + Lash

- 1x Hive Guard
- 1x Hive Guard
- 1x Hive Guard

- 3x Warrior w/ 1x Barbed Strangler, 2x Deathspitter
- 12x Hormagaunt
- 12x Hormagaunt

3x HG is more than enough anti vehicle for 500 pts, switching the VC to the BS gives you a really nasty infantry blaster, backed up by the s5 shots coming from the deathspitters. Just keep your army concentrated and run in the general direction of your dinner, and it should work ok.

MasterSlowPoke said...

That's my friend's Tyranids in the photo up there!

Kirby said...

Aren't they cute :P? Good old internet for piccies!

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