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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Random! Auretious Taak...Dear Emperor WHY!

NB: The 'Poof Patrol' at the bottom of the image ignore, I did a search for Rainbow Warriors and saw the Pink and thought it fitting. I've no issues at all with homosexuals, transgenders or any other sexualities. So ignore the caption by the artist.

Hey all!

Kirby decided to invite me along as a guest author here 2 days ago whilst we were reambling away in email talk and well here I am. Some of you may know me from Yes The Truth Hurts as a guest author there who occasionally drops up a Mordheim article (I'm not in a Mordheim mood, writing a powergaming article for Mordheim needs you in that mood else it isn't as epically broke as it should be lol {We should get Vassal Mordheim going, I'll show you all how! :P}) or another rambling voice that harps on about powergaming except out here in Australia. And those of you knowing this will also recognise I haven't posted anything as an article for a while there. Anyways I am here now too.

I'm going to be exploring on and off the Australian Comp scene in tournament play within Australia based largely in the NSW's meta due to a good friendship with one of the main TO's here in Sydney (Alex Ozanne, he is a great bloke, awesome opponent to play for fun, but with softer armies, he TO's Leviathan, Cryx Cup and Lords of Terra both Open and Invitational amongst others each year) and my own occasional tournament attendence as I get time in the coming year. Unlike Kirby who is likely going to be running the 0's, 1's and maybe if lucky 2/5 comp armies, I have built a 5/5 comp army (wargamerau posting has had many people cite it as being a 5/5 comp list without a doubt so that sets me right) with the simple mission to take it to tournies and win one game each tournament. Comp is supposed to encourage softer armies and the over riding theme is that if you truely are as good as you claim to be, then you can take a soft core army to a tournament and still win with it. The sad truth to this is that in many instances, a high comp score is the equivalent of a win instead of a loss in one of your rounds due to its' value in the comp system for overall tournament placing. With a high army painting score and solid sports (not hard to get at an aussie tourney, quite friendly and fun affairs generally) it is very possible to hit podium rankings overall, and I've seen it done a number of times...

EDIT: (THIS IS WHAT I GET FOR POSTING AT 1AM LOLOL), Most tournament vets in australia run a 2,3, or 4/5 comp list. I find it stupid when people who claim to be in the top percentile of players profess to comp being essential and citing that playing witha softer list proves you are better but then you hear them say they do not like the whole fact runnoinga 5/5 comp list see's you losing 90-95% of your games and in a tournament that is unacceptable.


/Facealm again.

/Facepalm for good measure.

Hence why I am set on this 5/5 comp list I'll post up later at some point. F' You Aussie Tourney Veterans who claim comp is needed and necessary but which don't have the nuts to take the softest lists they can to a tourney and put their own profession of comp systems needing to be there to the utmost max actions where the crap spewing from your mouth is!


Anyways, I shall be exploring comp in australia (to enlighten the rest of you and make Stelek sick to his stomach, lol!) whilst tracing experiences with the army I am constructing as I have them. I'll run the list against Kirby in person/Vassal as well and we'll have a gander at maximising efficiency of units and unit to unit interaction in a limited field of options. It's basics yes, but there is a large percentage of gamers out there that don't apply very basic concepts despite many years of play.

Anyways, I'm based in Sydney, Australia, have been playing 40k for like 13 years and I turned 25 precisely 1 hr and 40 minutes ago.

Cheers all,

Auretious Taak.

7 pinkments:

Kirby said...

Holy crap that was a huge image, re-sized and fixed labels :p. Just put yourself instead of guest author and you can add a composition label when you start those articles.

Happy Birthday too! We should party on the weekend lol. Nice to have you aboard.

Auretious Taak said...

Come down to Paramatta Park. Winterfest is on:

I'll be there with "The Huscarls", camping out for the night too. Will be making footwear as I have none and need to put my leather to use for footwear!

We can party there. Should be a good show, was okay last year.

Image was posted as Medium. lol.

No worries on the editing side of things. I kinda just wing it. hehe. :)

Auretious Taak said...

P.S. I'll probably post up my Taak's Dread Wolves as well. Blood Rodeo? Pish. Downgrade it to a 1,750pt force if you can and we'll Vassal/irl proxy/sub parts needed to run Blood Rodeo Vs Taaks Dread Wolves...should be an interesting battle.

Kirby said...

Can it be after the tourney? Lol then I can actually put all my models together. Blood Rodeo doesn't work too well below 2k but I'll do something.

I'll see if we can make Paramatta but it's bloody cold out =D.

The_King_Elessar said...

Happy B'Day Luke!

Messanger of Death said...

Happy Brithday Luke!!!

I'm at a loss as to how people figure out what list is worth what. It is such a subjective process with no definitive formula... including those Tournaments with guidelines.

Be curious to know what your own process is. As well as Kirby and Vinsanity's.


MadPersian said...

I think most people pretend they rate comp on a scale of "Proper Fluffy Army" to "Cheesy Bastard Army" (or their culturally equivalent terms).

But I think most people actual rate comp based on a scale of "I Can Wreck This While Drunk" to "OMG So Scary."

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