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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tyranid Army Pictures (including Tervigon & Tyrannofex conversions)

So the sun wasn't really out this morning... but tried to take some pics of my Tyranid army. Still need to do some touch-ups as some paint scrapped off after tourney (not sealed :(). My favorite model is the tervigon on the left as I spent the most time on highlighting up his carapace but the hunched over T-Fex, Tyrant & Raveners are also delicious :). Haven't taken pics of the 30 odd gants which are only 3 colors but have a lot of painting to do to get them up to scratch but more the moment will be focusing on my Marine armies. I chucked one of the T-Fexes at the back on an unpainted base so you could all see the difference between a detailed and non-detailed base as I think BroLo was complaining before :P!

So here we are, 1750 points of Tyranid goo! Thoughts and comments appreciated :). And if you want more pics/close-ups, let me know. Once again you can click the pics to make them bigger.

Army Shots:



Hive Tyrant & Tyrant Guard:



Termagants & Group Shot:

5 pinkments:

fester said...

So the "T" in T-fex stands for Turtle, I take it.

Regardless, nice work. Like it a lot.

Kirby said...

lol. I've always wanted a turtle <3. Cheers

Brother Loring said...

lol @ paint score 15/36

Now we all know why you got such a bad score! Suck it up Kirby, you fail at painting!

I <3 the left Tervi! Is she single? Can't wait to see them totally finished, but after what you experienced to get them this complete I'm sure they'll sit on the shelf for a little bit, but keep us updated!

Kirby said...

Your wit is outstanding BroLo... she's taken <3.

0range said...

While I'm no fan of the color scheme, personally, it's painted pretty damn well. Plus, the conversions (something I seriously struggle with...) are awesome!

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