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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Email in: 1850 Tyranids list help

"Hello all,

I am enjoying reading your blog, thank you for the work you've put into it. I was hoping you might offer some thoughts on a Tyranid list I am working on.

Hive Fleet Nákaza - 1849pts

1x Hive Tyrant (Scything Talons x2, Old Adversary, Adrenal Glands, Wings, Leech Essence, Paroxysm) 265pts

1x Deathleaper 140pts
3x Hive Guard 150pts
3x Hive Guard 150pts

10x Termagant 50pts
10x Termagant 50pts
1x Tervigon (Scything Talons, Cluster Spines, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst, Onslaught) 215pts
1x Tervigon (Scything Talons, Cluster Spines, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst, Onslaught) 215pts

Fast Attack:
22x Gargoyle (Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs) 176pts
21x Gargoyle (Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs) 168pts
6x Tyranid Shrike (Rending Claws, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs) 270pts

I've been flirting with 40k off and on for years, played a lot in 2nd edition and I'd say I'm pretty new at 5th, but it's finally time to make a list and rebuild my army. All the tournaments around here are 1850 points, and Tyranids have always been my army of choice. The type of list I want most would be an aggressive assault focused army, but when I try to build it with ground pounding units it comes off in my mind as too slow. So this list is inspired by the Beau's Flying Nids list that Stelek posted.

With the nerfs to Hive Commander from the FAQ I thought it would be better to switch over to hive guard and it also lets me drop a tyrant(pricey at 1850), my hope is the hive guard get two turns to bust things open before the assault wave hits. I realize landraiders are going to give me a headache but I'm not really sure what to do about it.

I'm not sure what Deathleaper is gaining me, I really love lictors, but they're nothing like they used to be in 2nd. I might drop him for more hive guard/gargoyles. Also at 1850, are two tervigons a little too much, or just enough? The little screeching blade beast in my heart doesn't want to take them, but frankly I find very few competitive Tyranid lists that don't take 2. And now that I'm beginning to get used to objective based games I can see why they're so popular.

So any thoughts, criticism?


List looks pretty solid in terms of HQ/Elites/Troops but not sure about the Shrikes in FA and your overall anti-armor abilities. To keep with the flying theme the only way I can really see to negate this is with Harpies but they are much better at armor suppression than actual armor popping and this would only net you a single Gargoyle squad. Since you've got the Tervigons & Termagants though, perhaps shaving some points off in your FA (like the Shrikes and Adrenal on the Gargs) for 2 Trygons would help. They are still close combat beasties and with 2x Scy Talons, Fleet and Deep-strike they can help with chasing down tanks and you've got 12 more T6 wounds. Again taking from the flying theme though. The 2x Tervigons are fine as is the DL who helps the Tervigon/Tyrant powers. If you wanted to drop the DL though, 3 squads of 2x Hive Guard work fine and also frees up 100 points. You could use these extra points intsead of dropping Adrenal on the Gargs for Trygons as well.

Again, a solid core for any Tyranid list, just need to get the right filler around it.

4 pinkments:

AbusePuppy said...

I think Gargoyles need either Toxin+Adrenal or neither- due to their Blinding Poison rule, even the 1-pt upgrades don't actually benefit them all that much unless you pair them up for the rerolls to wound.

Two Tervis is fine at 1850. I'm not sure I like the big unit of Shrikes- what are they trying to do? Gargoyles already make a good backfield harasser, so they seem unnecessary. Boneswords (to replace RC+Tox) would be more effective and the same price, and all you lose is penetrating vehicles. I agree with Kirb that a Harpy or two would help you out a lot, as would some other aggressive MCs- Tyrannofex, Trygon, something like that.

Tervigons are not a "necessary" unit in the codex- keep in mind that you could be fielding three 30-strong broods of Hormagaunts in their place, for example, you just need to keep in mind your Synapse requirements and such. At that point I would definitely drop the Tyrant's wings and get some Tyrant Guard, though, as that guy becomes very keep to keeping things under control. (Warriors, Primes, and Trygon Prime also help a lot in this regard.)

Radka said...

Hey guys. Thanks for the comments.

The shrikes are there for 2 reasons, synapse and because warriors are cool =P. I wonder what has been your experience with managing the right amount of synapse? Without the shrikes I'd only have 3 synapse creatures, and really only one somewhat brittle tyrant that would actually keep up with the gargoyles. With the gargoyles being lurk I question if that is going to be enough coverage.

I think it's a good idea to drop deathleaper, anti-tank>anti-psyker/support. It also opens up an additional target for my hive guard. If I also cut the shrikes I'm seeing two routes, 2x trygon or tyrannofex.

If I go trygon I'd drop all the shrikes and probably a couple gargoyles to take 2 trygons with AG, one upgraded to prime.

Going tyrannofex, I could take the shrikes down to 4 to pick up the fex and it would solve my av 14 problem. I could also drop all the shrikes and take a harpy, this I think would give me a solid fire base, but I think I'd be running low on synapse.

I'm leaning more towards the tyrannofex, I'll try out the trygons once I have the cash/models, but right now I'm hesitant about CC to take down vehicles.

Kirby said...

I'd prob go 2x Trygon to keep in the same vein of the Flyrant and Gargs and dropping the DL. If you went the T-Fex route I'd be more in favor of making your Tyrant walk.

AbusePuppy said...

Finding a Synapse balance can be tough, as there's no easy rule for it- three sources of Synapse can be enough, but they are mostly backfield units (except the Tyrant, which, as you mention, is somewhat fragile), so it can be an issue if you have any kind of faster units (Trygons, Gargoyles, etc- note that Gargoyles can generally move from Synapse directly into a charge thanks to their speed, however.) I might try leaving the Shrikes and running them Bonesword/Talons instead. (If you're willing to sink the extra points and face a lot of tough enemies, BS/LW is even better.)

I agree with Kirb that some sort of fast assaulters would fit better with your Gargs, Flyrant, etc; if you stripped the wings off of the Tyrant and dropped a squad of Gargoyles, running a Harpy + whatever else might work a lot better.

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