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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Email in: Orks at 1850 (yes, orks, heh)


I've been playing around with Orks, first because I love the army, and second because people underestimate them. But the difference between a bad army (Necrons) and a good army (Tau) can often be as little as just one small list (the ol' monolist). Orks have some incredibly powerful things hiding in their codex, if a mono list exists, it would be very good for them.

I've hit upon the idea of using Kanz as armor saturation. Kanz behind a KFF have ridiculous survivability (slightly worse than a rhino/razorback with smoke, but usually much cheaper and without the squad that you have to take).

This is the list I've come up with:

BM, KFF,BP,Cybork Body - 100
Warboss, Mega Armor, BP - 105

Meganobz x5 (1 Combi-Skorcha) w/BW (DR, BSx1) - 320
Meganobz x5 w/BW (DR, BSx1,BP,Grot Riggers) - 325

12x 'ard Boyz (Nob, PK, BP Trukk w/Ram) - 200
10x Grots w Runtherd - 40
10x Grots w Runtherd - 40

3x Killa Kanz w/Rokkits - 150
3x Killa Kanz w/Grotzookas - 170
3x Killa Kanz w/Grotzookas - 170

2x Warbuggies w TLR - 80
2x Warbuggies w TLR - 80
2x Warbuggies w TLR - 80

The 'ard boyz are overcosted, but they serve the purposes of being both a unit I can use to take down dev and long fang squads (and thus force my opponent to keep something back there to protect them) and a squad you can dump on an objective and leave be. Grots are for early turn wrapping and late game objective holding.

I'll tell you how it plays out, but it's definitely not the average ork list."

Hey Keith. I wouldn't say the Kanz wall is a new idea but it works to an extent. Problem with your list though is a real lack of ranged firepower. Orks suffer from this normally but without Lootas :(. Remember also one of your MANz is a Troops choice. What I'd do is get rid of the 'ard Boyz, they aren't really going to scare anything in the backfield by themselves, drop a Gretchin squad, drop the Grootzookas down to Rokkits on the Kanz and try and fit in some regular Trukk boyz + Lootas. With the points in Kanz & MANz it'll be a tight fit and the Trukk boyz aren't exactly scary but you're at least not wasting 200 points on the 'ard Boyz. 1-2 squads of MANz are certainly a useful addition to an Ork list (especially if you can get one as Troops) but they do eat into your points and Loota numbers.

If you couldn't get the points for Lootas with the above, I'd start dropping Buggies then. Whilst Buggies are mobile AV10 + OT + squadron isn't going to add much to your saturation and Lootas are just plain better and more reliable I'm afraid. Gives your Gretchin something to wrap-up, too.

5 pinkments:

VT2 said...

Being as survivable as a smoked rhino isn't much of an achievement.

The list needs lootas.
If you don't have lootas, you're basically telling the opponent that he can shoot whatever he wants, whenever wants, and run all over the field with his vehicles, since your shorted-ranged and frail anti-tank units fear bolters.

VT2 said...

I should add, the list is very small.
It's a typical example of too much support, and too few boyz.

It's very easy to focus fire on one element at a time, and thus neutralize you in short order.
Buggies/trakks, wagonz, the solo trukk.

After that, you're pretty much screwed.
What are you trying to shield with the kans, anyway? There are no marching boyz, or marching units of nobz - just a couple units of grots, and some mounted orkminators.

Chumbalaya said...

VT2's got it.

If you go for Kanz, you want Lootas to give you reach, then just fill up on shoota boyz to hold midfield.

Kanz can also work in support of BW, but you still need those Lootas.

Da Warboss said...

Ard boyz are not a waste when you add Mad Doc Grotsnik to the squad. A large amount of players out there have no idea he has to go after the closest target. If you allow Forge World units, a Painboss HQ from Imperial Armour 8 is even 'one scalpel short of a medpak' to force your hand...

VT2 said...

First no-no of warhams: assuming your opponent is a raging idiot.

'ardboyz are bad with Grotsnik, too. You could invest all those points and slots into troop nobz and a warboss, or just more boyz.

"But he makes them better! They get feel no pain!"

Yes, and if I take Sicarius, I get a tactical squad with a universal special rule.
Both are just dumb wastes of points and slots.

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