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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blog updates

Well some of you may have noticed this annoying scratchy speaker sound when you browse 3++ (or maybe it's just when I'm around people talk... a lot). Ya that's right, 3++ now has a chat feature. Not sure on the size in blog (big enough?) but if you want to make it bigger right click the full size option below the chat box and open in new window. You can also disable sound. You can create accounts and set pictures on it for free or can just type in a name for a one-off chat. Hopefully with the wide range of 3++ author timezones one of us will generally be on there at some time. Otherwise it's a great place to chat with some like minded people. I've also dropped in a meebo thing but not sure if that will stay. It allows you to contact me whilst I'm here or not but each time you switch pages it changes your ID number so you're never going to get replies from me unless you sign up. We'll see how that goes but I think e-mails are easier. Edit: removed the meebo chat as it was slowly page opening time and not really doing anything.

I've also put 3++ up on facebook. I'm a complete facebook noob since I  hate the thing so any help would be great. If I've done it right you can "like" us on the left hand side of the blog, join the 3++ profile page and join the 3++ group. The links are here:

profile page:
group page:

I'll try and post updates on the group page to not clutter the blog with it all and maybe set up some galleries of authors' minis. Again, assistance here would be great.

As you can tell I'm trying to make 3++ a bit more interactive and spread the word (I think I've setup a feedburner as well? Who knows). Let me know your thoughts on this (good? bad?) and any suggested changes you guys can cook up!

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Roland Durendal said...

Kirbster, I'm a facebook fiend, seeing as I've been addict..I mean using it...since it first came out in like '04. Need help with it lemme know.

Now I just need to use that chat thingy-mcjibber...

Kirby said...

Oh my, well add 3++ on facebook and I can admin you. You make it spiffy.

Kuolema said...

I don't think you can make facebook spiffy. You can change your profile picture but that is about it really.

VT2 said...

This is now officially the best warhams blog.

Sage said...

Kirby, Facebook is really notorious for being bad with personal info. As in, selling it to people who will spam you. I'd suggest deleting your account, and giving fake personal info.

Kirby said...

There's no personal info up there ^^. My real name is now Kirby and my last name is Enthusiasm :P.

Eltnot said...

Don't really think either are amazingly worth it in my opinion.

Chat was annoying until I turned the sound off.
I doubt I'll ever chat to anyone on it anyhow.

Facebook groups tend to be joined and then never looked at again, so I don't see much point there either, but meh.

Kirby said...

Ya the chat sound is annoying but luckily it remembers your settings. We shall miss your presence on the chat Eltnot :(.

We'll see if the facebook group does anything but if not wasn't much effort.

A quick update for everyone who has sent in e-mails, I've 12 behind atm so will take a bit longer than usual to get your replies out. Please be patient! and keep sending them in, I will get to them :).

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