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Monday, September 6, 2010

Email in: Space Wolves Tournament List Advice

"Hey Kirby,

I'll start out with saying thanks again for helping me out previously with tournament list advice, In my second tournament ever I came 12th out of 54 people up at Quarter Master 3 so I was pretty happy with that, but I know I can do better (especially since it made me a sad puppy when dante and lemartes soaked up 8 Krak (never call them missiles people... because missiles miss) 1 PC, 2 plasma guns, 4 melta guns and 16 rapid firing bolters with 0 wounds to show for it, then proceeded to pulp some squads). So I'm asking for your help again to weak my tournament list to try and make my way into the single digits for tournament placing, and this time I provide a picture of my Wolf Lord Skold on his Thunderwolf Fluffy :)

This is the list I took:

Rune Priest (100) 110
Living Lightening & Murderous Hurricane, Chooser (10)
Wolf Lord (100) 225
Frostblade, SS, Runic Armour, Meltabomb & Thunderwolf (125)

9x Grey Hunters (135) 200
Metlagun, MoTW,Wolf Standard & Drop Pod (65)
9x Grey Hunters (135) 200
Metlagun, MoTW,Wolf Standard & Drop Pod (65)
9x Grey Hunters (135) 200
Metlagun, MoTW,Wolf Standard & Drop Pod (65)
10x Grey Hunters (150) 175
Plazma, Plazma, MoTW (25)

3x Wolf Guard (54) 129
3x Power Fist & Combi-melta (75)

Fast Attack
3x Thunderwolf Cavalry (150) 210
Thunderhammer & Stormshield (60)

Heavy Support
6x Long Fangs (90) 160
3xMissle Launchers, 2x Plazma Cannons (70)
6x Long Fangs (90) 140
5xMissle Launchers (50)

I was fairly happy with how everything worked, except the double plazma grey hunters didn't get much action through the entire tournament (they were my long fangs bodyguards, and noone would come near them and when I gave chase with them, they moved away) so I guess they did their job, but I felt they were a bit of a waste of points comparitavely doing nothing for the entire game. So I'm thinking of switching it up a bit, and was wondering how the hybrid SW you have mentioned several times before works and how I can possibly incorporate it or run a list like that.

In the mean time I am thinking of dropping the lord and the 10man double plazma squad, and with those points i gain throwing in:

Fast Attack
4x Thunderwolf Cavalry (200) 290Thunderhammer & 2xStormshield (90)
2x Land Speeder Typhoon (180) 180
2x Land Speeder Tornado (100) 140
2x Multi-melta & Heavy Flamer (40)

I bumped up the TW to help replace the lord I dumped, and gain 2 Typhoon and 2 Multi-melta /Heavy Flamer speeders. This gives me alot more ranged punch(exactly where and when i need it) and late game objective contest with the Typhoons and objective clearing utility with the heavy flamers and another couple of melta guns in case things gets sticky. I am just really not sure what else to throw in, or am I hacking away at something that doesn't need to be changed and I should just stick with a good thing? I want to try and steer clear of 3 packs of long fangs because I don't really want to go there and the inevitable composition hate that comes from that (but I will be keen to go up and try out Gladiator on for size!), but aside from that anything is possible.

Please let me know if I'm heading down the right path with this, thanks.


Dropping the plasma GH was a good idea :P. Rather than getting 2 squadrons of different speeders I'd go with 2 squadrons of MM/HF speeders. This saves you a couple of points and by dropping one of the TWC with SS you can get a WGBL on TWC mount with some gear and stuff.

I'd still recommend steering away from the PCs onthe LF. Whilst it's nice to drop AP2 blasts on guys bailing out of transports, missiles can do a lot of torrent too for cheaper. These extra points can help with tooling out the WGBL/Lord or GH some more (power weapons boy!). With that note, I'd get power weapons on the Grey Hunter squads as well giving you 3 special combat weapons which is nothing to sneeze at.

Like the TWC btw.

6 pinkments:

fester said...

Yeah, his TWC were very nice... and resilient.
His army had good synergy previously (I played him @ QM3 for those keeping track and beat him last game of the tourney).

For my money, in SW lists, I have never been a fan of speeders. I know their potential threat and power but they always seem to do SFA.

I'd swap them for ANOTHER 4 TWC's in a similar kitout to dual-rock with :) But hey, thats me.

Kirby said...

Blocking, mobility and deep-striking do wonders :P. I think in these type of lists MM/HF speeders have a real place and really only think Typhoons should go in during full lasplas spam.

With the pods they may be less effective and more TWC would certainly be awesome. I mean seriously, fluffballs!

Rawr said...

I could have sworn I had lose drop pods listed as rhino's..... evidently I'm going slightly crazy.
does that make a difference to your suggestions?

Also damn you work for not letting me be able to post a response!

@ fester: do you really want me to take more TWC :P

@ Kirby: I thought of the typhoon idea just to lay down that much more suppression fire and making my opponents really think about what they were doing in terms of deployment and target priority by forcing them to engage the flying long fangs shooting at side armour or the rhino's and the twc closing in fast, and at the other burny melta'ey speeders. I can see what you mean tho by dropping them back down to mm/hf just for more flyby MM and heavy flamer scary saturation and I am really considering it even just to enable giving myself power weapons as well on the grey hunters to make them even better (hehe I'm liking the fact that they would have 5 different special dudes in the squad for dealing with wound allocation shenanigans with my own wound allocation shenanigans! :P). The second squad of TWC is very tempting also... maybe for comp only tourneys (I'll see you up there fester :P) because I'm guaranteed to get my smashed in the face with the comp stick, and I think I can make it work well without it just with the dropping them down to mm/hf speeders and throwing around a liberal spread of power weapons for the GH's.

Also... you really don't like PC outside of dreads do you? I know I can get just as good torrent from frags on the long fangs, but I find that they are a wonderful deterrent. I find that even if I just force an opponent to deep strike abit further away or behind cover just because they dont want to be in a nice little circle if they try and drop down and pop a vehicle(honour guard squads and that occasional DS termy squad comes to mind exactly for this reason)and the ability to put that much hurt on a squad when they get de-meched isn't something to scoff at... so 'm still tossing up to keep them or not.
Also do you think by trying to avoid running a TWC IC and using the points elsewhere ... say for a Lone Wolf with a chain fist and SS some doggy companions it would work better for me... or would that bump in ld and some i5 attacks really help more my TWC & my list overall much more than a monster such as the lone wolf.


fester said...

Rawr: yeah. If it was me, I would. Seriously.
I'd pod up, throw them into the enemy lines and scream in t2 with the TWC.

Saying that, I am an Orks player and thats how my army HAS to work. Fast. CC.

Kirby said...

Drop Pods or Rhinos work really lol.

If you want more firepower, get more Long Fangs. Cheaper and you can get more missiles (5). No I'm not a PC fan. You've got a 1/6 chance of it doing nothing then the blast scatter. Sure it can screw over some deep-strikers but the best type of deep-striking lists (i.e. BA) have VV and will get a cover save anyway.

Bump in Ld, I5 and higher WS are important if you are going for multiple TWC squads. If you're only going for one, Lone Wolves are fine additions.

Rawr said...

yea I was thinking of just sticking with one TWC squad dropping them down a man with the ss, and getting my lone wolf in on the action. I'll throw around those power weapons for the GH's.

I guess your reasoning why the typhoons arnt as good as the LF's make perfect sense...

Would it be worth trying to squish in some double plaz/double melta IST squads? to satiate my need for plazma if i threw out the PC's and dropped a squad of speeders or isnt it worth it? :)

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