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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well here are the results of the NOVA poll:

All things considered, not so shocking. With the feedback Mike received and the mass of appreciation and 'copy-cat' events, NOVA was clearly a success. As all polls on 3++, this is certainly not a represtative sample nor a large sample size but a paltry 6% did not like NOVA. This bodes very well for Centurion and other tournaments using this style. Hell, NOVA for next year is already being planned and is already larger than this year's event.

So here's to Mike for starting something great and best of luck to all the TO's out there using his format as a basis for their own events. I'd love to hear (and I'm sure TO's would as well) from the 6 who voted negatively. Why didn't you like it?

8 pinkments:

lehcyfer said...

They didn't win a single game? :P

Chumbalaya said...

Duh, it didn't have comp. Mech IG is so broken and they totally dominated...

I like how NOVA's Best Overall has 67% soft scores and people say the event it just like 'Ard Boyz.

VT2 said...

There were too many orks there, and as everyone knows, you just can't win against the green tide and nob bikers.

Meister_Kai said...

I hate playing Devil's advocate, especially since Abuse did it so well a day or so ago, but I only voted "great".

I was as close to being there as you could be without being there (aka hanging out with Smurfy in the chat) and everything seemed to be running really well, but one somewhat large exception stands out for me. The winner's list was illegal.

Sure he had what was probably the hardest schedule at the event, sure his opponents, from what I've read, all say he deserves the win anyway, and that the 3 points "didn't matter" or whatever. I ask this, how often has only being over 7 or so points in a list caused you to have to (sometimes even dramatically) change your list?

Mike has taken full responsibility, which is of course awesome, and personally I think that unless the second place player thinks otherwise that said second place player should get the ticket. That is honestly the only blight on the event that I can see.

That and Tony rolling large/small dice for different things, which if you know roll percentages of different kinds of dice is tantamount to cheating (no matter how minuscule the difference is, its still there). I really like the idea of enforcing a Chessex or whatever standard for tournaments, or the tournament providing their own dice.

VT2 said...

3 points don't matter.

Consider this, too, while you're at it.
You need to make the list.
You need to send in the list. If it passes here, on to the next stage.
You need to let the organizer read it. If it passes here, you're officially okay'd.

Most tournaments here also have the TO print out two copies, and what's on your given copy is what you must use in your games.

Mistakes do happen, so it wasn't out of malice.

Meister_Kai said...

I think the 3 points do matter, mostly on principle rather than what it actually does for a list (although this can itself be huge).

Besides, if 3 points don't matter, where does it end? Does 5 points mean more than 3? What about just 1? Where is the line drawn?

It should be drawn exactly at whatever the point allotment for the tournament was (2K at NOVA). I didn't say that he was cheating necessarily in regards to being 3 points over (although, I personally think he did try to cheat the system and he knew he was 3 points over based on nothing but my past competitive gaming experiences/him rolling different dice for different things).

This is all just my opinion though, I'm not interested in arguing about any of it besides the 3 points over stuff, which should be a pretty cut and dry issue honestly.

VT2 said...

Your chances of getting past initial screening, TO, staff, TO again, and a possible printing without 3 extra points over being caught are very, very slim.

I don't think it was done out of malice - more likely he was making a list by hand, and miscounted somewhere, or he added a meltabomb to a character to satisfy the 'must not have same equipment'-rule.

Eltnot said...

Actually getting away with being 3 points over is pretty darned easy. The TO doesn't have time to add up the points for every single unit in everyone's army lists. Usually they'll pick it up if it looks wrong or if they find other errors but if the only thing wrong is being over by three points than the TO and even other players aren't likely to notice it.

I know I certainly didn't have time to check the points for every unit in everyone's army and check the totals for 40 players and I doubt many other TO's would have the time either. As a player, when was the last time that you checked your opponent's list was tallied correctly?

I've seen it once when the person had a rather oddball list and players checked his list to find that he was over points. Particularly because the player had submitted a hand written armylist.

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