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Monday, October 4, 2010

Email in: Asking the wise? [Vanilla Bikers 2000]

"Hello all again,

Tried the changes you guys suggested, and well you were right. Double raider terminators didn't turn out to well for BT. I read other articles posted on the blog and tried some other lists suggested. Pretty much my end analysis is that I probably should stick with the vanilla codex, which I'm more accustomed to.

I'm currently re-assembling my old models according to an old list, with some modifications (Chaplain, Rhino Tactical’s replaced with Captain Marines Bikers) that I played competitively with before the introduction of new Tyranid’s and Blood Angel’s Codex. Problem is I think I will lose pretty horribly against the amped Tyranid’s and Blood Angels armies with their melee supremacy. I would really appreciate more of your supreme wisdom, and thanks for all the help!

Captain - Relic Blade, Marine Bike - 165

Dreadnought [x3] - Twin-linked Autocannon, Twin-linked Autocannon - 125 (Each)

Marine Biker Squad [x2] (9 models) - Meltagun [x2], Attach Bike (With Multi-melta) - 285 (Each)
Tactical Squad (10 models) - Meltagun, Plasma Cannon, Rhino - 215

Land Speeder Squadron [x6] (2 models per slot) - Multi-melta, Heavy Flamer - 70 (Each)

Predator [x3] - Autocannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsors - 85 (Each)

Total 2000

General tactic (changed to) > Armored Spear > Flank both sides with marine Bikers, combat squad'ed, and fast speeders. Move the dreadnoughts and predators either in a single wedge, dreadnoughts boxing the predators weak sides, or two wedges using the rhino to box as well. I stop moving the Predators usually after turn two to make use of heavy bolter's and try to make them more appetizing targets to draw away from the bikes, while the rhino generally sits unscathed on an objective, marine bikers love contesting objectives. Autocannon spam doesn’t work to badly, though I wish I had more pie’s.

I have played this list against 2 guard lists (mech and reserve, won both), 1 eldar (mech, won), and deamons list (Got slogged? Played a new player and not familiar with the deamons codex which lead to fail on my part… I think)."

That's a solid list and the only change I would make would be adding PFists to the big Bike squads and changing the Tactical squad to a smaller bike Squad. If you wanted to keep the Tac squad I might make it a LasPlas squad as an objective sitter rather than a full tac squad with a plasma cannon. At the least I'd replace the PC with a Missile Launcher or Plasma Cannon if you wanted to keep the Tac squad as is.

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