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Monday, November 8, 2010

Email in: Blood Angels Question: The Sanguinor

"Hey Kirby,

I've been reading your blog avidly ever since I came across it, being pretty new to the 40K thing. I'm trying to create a decent BA list, but I have a problem. An expensive problem. A problem named the Sanguinor. I can't help it, I want to chuck him in a list. The model's awesome, the rules are cool...and he's more expensive than a Land Raider.

I searched the site briefly, and every hit that came up was all about how you SHOULDN'T take him, and while I completely understand why, I was wondering what you would do if you absolutely, positively had to build, say, a 1750 to 2000 point list that included the Sanguinor? Pretend there's a bomb ticking somewhere and the criminals will only give you the code to shut it down if you come up with the greatest Sanguinor list of all time. Because they're nerds like that.

Making a list is pretty easy, you simply don't take Libbies (2 cost less than the Sanguinor) but rather the Sanguinor. Otherwise at lower point levels (i.e. 1750) drop HQs and small ASM squads to maintain as much balance as possible. Losing Blood Lance and Shield can be a big blow so at higher point levels (2000+) you can run one libby + the Sanguinor but you'll probably be light on Troops or hard-hitting combat squads. That's the easy answer :P.
Let's take a look at the Sanguinor though. He is a nifty model and a bit of kit-bashing or conversion work can make him into a Dante (a much more usable character) or something else entirely (i.e. Libby) but why shouldn't he be used? He has a pretty impressive statline for anything not an MC (or named Mephiston) with a 2+/3++, 5A, bonuses against a chosen opponent's HQ squad, bonus to a random Sarge from your army and a +1A bubble within 6" for your army. Much better than Pedro considering BA are an actual assault army but at 275 points he doesn't do anything for the army. Sure he's a combat beast who's pretty hard to kill but his aura is pretty small (might as well use a 30point Chapter Banner) and in the end he's still only a T4/W3 super marine.
When we compare to Mephiston who has a much more impressive statline (but no invul) but also brings psychic utility and defenses to the table for less points...well the Sanguinor is basically an overpriced relic from previous editions where combat monsters were common and successful. Mephiston is more usable due to the utility he brings to the army through psychic defense and powers but also because he is more than a T4/W3 model (even without an invul). The drawback for Mephiston is he cannot be used in a Jumper army due to no DoA, cannot join squads (and is therefore best in an army where he can hide) and needs to cast a power to move 12" and yet the Sanguinor still doesn't rate highly enough to be used in Jumper armies. If you want a combat beastie HQ, take Dante. Although he's not as devastating as either of these characters he can add to the army, isn't as expensive and still fits the army.

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