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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Email in: ...more Tau questions

"hi kirby,

lot of stuff and information and, instaed of stelek's "answers", really helpful and i dont't have the feeling that i'm a complete idiot, thank you. maybe you can comment my list for the next tournament. if you have time, it would really help me.

*************** 2 HQ 348 pts
Commander, Shas'o
RockPod,Plasma, Pos.relais, TarLock, Multitrack, BS5
Bodyguard sync RockPod, BS4
Bodyguard sync RockPod, BS4 plus 1 AtDrone
Etheral plus 2 SDrohnes

*************** 3 Elite 564 pts.
Krisis teamleader, RockPod, Plasma, BS4 TarLock, Multitrack
Krisis sync RockPod, BS4
Krisis sync RockPod, BS3, plus AtDrone

*************** 4 Standard 328 pts
6 Fire War plus Shas'ui (M 8)
10 Kroot, 4 Hounds
10 Kroot, 4 Hounds
10 Kroot

*************** 1 FastA 75pts
1 Piranha, Fusi, Disruption Pod, BS4

*************** 3 support 435 pts
2 Broadsides Leader BS4, SMS, MultiTrack and TarLock plus 2 SDrones Broadside Leader BS4, SMS,
1 Broadside Leader BS4, Plasma, TarLock plus 1 SDrone
1 Broadside Leader BS4, Plasma, TarLock plus 1 SDrone
My strategy:
Etheral added to the 2xbroads with SMS (plus 4 Sdrones)
2 single broads with shild and plasma
3x3 krisis diff. Weapon for wound allocation HQ with 2 krisis

The reason why i need the etheral is that every team has a Drone and i the one is lost Moralcheck will be the result:) 25% loss.

reserve are:
1x PIRA for fast tanks and Droppod-Cybots
1x 6 FireW for the own objectiv
2x 10kroot plus 4 hounds and 1x 10Kroot for flanks or "line" reserve
So for that case a need the POS relaise.

Well and i hope my etheral survive as long as possible:) - as in the last 4 games.

What to you tink about the combination of static (Broads) Ninja (pos.relai) and 4 krisis teams?

thnx for your advice.

I think this list has a good basic understanding of how Tau works but falls short I'm afraid herbert. You've got the core ingredients with Crisis Suits, Kroot and Broadsides and have steered away from tanks (which is fine) but their setup is a bit wanting I think. In keeping with this theme (i.e. no vehicles) there are some changes I think we can make.

First off, whilst changing the layout of Crisis suits makes them more survivable in the long-run against small arms fire, it makes the unit less effective. Units like TWC and Nob Bikers can work on wound allocation because they are combat units and covering all your bases (i.e. PFist, meltabombs, power weapon, etc.) in combat is effective. Doing this with a shooting unit is not. You want your shooting to have a focus and if that focus gives you duality (i.e. lots of middling strength firepower) great. If you want to use twin-linked Pods that's fine but since you're running more Broadsides than usual I think every single Crisis suit should be Plasma/Pod. What your current list lacks is anti-infantry in swathes which Plasma/Pod provides.

In regards with the positional relay, you can take it if you wish but you're reserving far too much. You want your FW to come in late. Your Kroot should start on the table unless you're versusing a poorly setup IG list, etc. Yes they have the option to outflank but don't commit them early every game. Reserving the Piranhas is fine IMO since they are the only armor values you posses unless you're versusing Raiders/Battlewagons which you really need to block. The point here though is don't be too set on how your army operates. The positional relay can help you fiddle around with things but you'll often find a normal 4+ reserve works fine, particularly if only the FW are in reserve.

The Ethereal still is meh. Whilst putting him in the Broadside squad is about as safe as possible and makes the army a bit more reliable, it makes that unit a huge target for your opponent and most opponents can threaten such a squad over the course of two turns. If your Ethereal does fall...well your army can disappear. If you're worried about Ld tests from single drone deaths, don't run single drones on Crisis squads (get at least 2 to take the squad to 5). Furthermore with the Broadsides, TL-plasma shouldn't be used. It helps against deep-strikers or against FNP armies but SMS is generally fine in terms of a secondary weapon system for them to backup the Railguns. I'd also highly recommend ASS so they can move and fire. The single broadsides don't need targetlocks either but you should try to make these squads of two anyway.

With all of this in mind I'd try to get 10+ Pod/Plasma Crisis and if you really want to use TL-pods, make one or two squads TL-pods and the rest full Pod/Plasma. Instead of running 3/1/1 on the Broadside squads 2/2/2 might be a much better setup but will be tight on points. Any extra points should be put into Hounds and Piranhas to protect your army.

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