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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Day Hobby Day

This week I would like to send out some love to Tim at The Vanus Temple. I first saw his work as Dezartfox on the Bolter and Chainsword and later heard of this great hobbyist when trying to sort out Vassal problems - he was involved in the creation of the 40k module (Or should I not be saying that? Sorry if you now get arrested Tim). The number of times I've visited his blog is countless and every time I'm stunned at the quality of his work. It's so gritty, some may even say grim and dark.
His completed necron army recently appeared on the 3++ blog roll and another visit was in order. The finish on these guys is just superb, a beautiful deathly glow. So here's one pic from the collection.

How does our good friend over at the Temple achieve such awesomeness? Well, go look, he has a great tutorial section with a nice green lighting one. Here are start and end pics stolen from the tutorial.

So props this week go to the work The Vanus Temple is putting out there. Keep it coming, we at 3++ send you much appreciation.

Next is a bit of a 'keep an eye out'. I'll let them off stealing the title from my basics posts (it wasn't exactly original), but I've got a feeling that this is going to be a great set of articles for the hobbyist in us all. Ron off of From The Warp and Dave from N++ Wargaming will be doing a 'Back to Basics' series for painting minis. Kudos to them for taking the time out to help us all out.

Stop press!

Some late pics in from a friend of fester. Many thanks to Wonna, for letting us publish these. Here are some of his IG and Bretonnian models. I really like the Knights of the Realm colour scheme and some nice pics. The IG scheme is different and I like what he's done. But 18 Heavy Bolter teams... overkill much?

Fester (do I use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentance, or is it still a little 'f'?) tells me he has over 400 IG troopers. Anybody that can paint that many minis gets a lot of respect from me. If you take a look at those pics, you may recognise some Battlewagon Dreads ;)

Thanks again for taking a look. Enjoy.

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