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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Day Hobby Day

<--- not really sure what this is about, but in true 3++ fashion, it says hobby, so was selected.

Unfortunately I've not done anything hobby related for the last 2 weeks and due to a sudden wave of nausea after a busy weekend of D.I.Y., this will be a quick MDHD. Fortunately I got some nice piccies in the post and another 'recommendation' from Master Kirby.
Firstly, we have some pics sent in from Saramoff. He event sent me two rounds of pics... what a legend. You may have heard of him from such conversation aides such as Chatbox. He's becoming a more vocal member of the community and props to him for the photos.

I really like his Tyrannofex and the colour scheme is nicely original. I really like the coloured highlights... nice work Saramoff. Here are a few group shots of a some more of his little beasties.

Once again, some really nice colouring on the carapace. Good job!

Next up is the recommended link from Kirbs. He spoilt it all by using an example in one of his latest post... tut tut!

He email solely read, "Those SG are disgusting!"

I assume he meant they were nice looking and was trying to 'down with the kids'. Come on Kirbs, we all know you're a sad middle-aged man who spends his life stalking chatbox in his underpants with multiple aliases.

Anyway, here's to the LeGeneral. I'm a huge fan of his Harlies and the aforementioned 'disgusting' Sanguinary Guard.

Some really great pieces LeGeneral, I'm sure we'll all be keeping a close eye on you from now on! Kudos to you!

My random pic this week is from Arsies. The pic I've chosen isn't his highest rated on CMON, but I love the model, and Black Templars rules, so :P

Go check out his minis, and give this beauty a 10!

Thanks for reading... and please keep pics coming in.

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