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Monday, December 20, 2010

Blogging Updates - New Concept and affiliate Blog

Well hi people. Another blog update post (don't we love that little green picture...). First off, for those of you who don't know, I've opened an affiliate 3++ site on wordpress which is essentially replacing the My Armies page. There I will regularly update the progress of my armies in terms of painting, modelling and gaming and hopefully providing a hub for other authors to put their own models and armies on as well. Check it out: 3++ is the new black - The painting side. It's still obviously a WIP and as you can see, the My Armies page is still operational. I don't have infinite time on my hands! Anyway, the My Armies page (I think) is going to be replaced with an army match-up page. Here articles will be archived comparing two different forces and how they play against each other highlight specific units and builds which are particularly effective or weak. This is to give players a better indiciation of how their armies work against other armies and highlight key matchups which are believed to be one-sided which often aren't. These articles will be an extension of the Armies in 5th pages and will currently only be done for 40k. If there are any Fantasy authors out there who want to help with this concept for Fantasy, please let me know!

Furthermore, I'm really behind on backlinking which I should hopefully be able to catch-up on over the Christmas break seeing as I all generally do is play video games and lounge around the house with the missus :P. This backlinking will also hopefully involve some HTML as I aim to make invisible tables for the pages so they are easier to navigate and find articles one wishes to locate rather than the lists I currently have. So question before I work on those, are people happy with the way the links are set out between pages? I.e. Armies in 5th, Useful Articles, Codex Reviews, Guest Author Article Series, etc. or would you like to see some compression there? If any of these pages are combined (i.e. Article Series and Codex Reviews potentially?) then the My Armies page will stay and also be linked to the affilitate blog. I've already updated the in-site links and re-orded them a bit so my apologies there if you misclick a link when it used to be somewhere else!

I've also added a poll in relation to what armies the readers of 3++ play just to get an idea of the demographic I'm working on here. I've also been reading up on SEO stuff and if anyone has any knowledge there, I'd greatly appreciate your assistance. Roughly 10-15% of my visits come from Google and from my understanding, it's pretty much people who know about 3++ just entering terms into Google to get to the site. I'd like to increase the number of people who 'stumble' across 3++ rather than relying on blogrolls, word of mouth and linking from forums.

Anyway, that's all I can think of currently. Sorry for the slow weekend btw, and I'm trying to catch up on my e-mails! I've got about 14 in my inbox atm with only one having been significantly delayed (a Chaos one). If there is anything else anyone can think of or feedback please comment here and we'll see what we can do! Thanks again for the great year. It really has been a pleasure writing for the blog and seeing the explosive growth and positive feedback. Hopefully next year will be just as fantastic!

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