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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Email in: IG list; scared of all the Jumppack armies out there


Awesome blog! really like it: high quality analysis and the blog has its own doctor aswell!
I've got two questions, one for you and one for GWvsJohn!

1) under follows an IG armylist suggestion (army is work in progress: but since I'm stuck in a tiny town (for at least one more year), in a country with only one Games Workshop currently 194 miles away; it will be finished in time before any possible matches).

Main problem is no opponents to vassal or proxy with. That's why I seek feedback to this list so I won't build something very bad. I have some expirience with tyranids and empire armies from waaay back, but that's about it.

Which armies will it have troubles with? Which will it steamroll? I'm worried about all the Jumperlists out there (FNP). And dark Eldar (shrug). And when the new Eldar codex gets released....gotta be prepared.
Most importantly: what would you change?

1745 points

Command Squad (3x Melta) & Chimera + Astropath
Command Squad (3x Melta) & Chimera

10 Vets (3x Melta) & Chimera
10 Vets (3x Melta) & Chimera
9 Vets (3x Grenade Launcher) & Harker

2x Bane Wolf (MM & smokelaunchers)

Medusa (closed compartment)
Medusa (closed compartment)

Thanks a lot guys!

Familiar list thanks to Vince ^^ lol. Personally the Nade Launchers and Harker need to go. I'd replace it with a small combined squad (2 platoons w/autocannon + PCS w/autocannon and flamers; Chimera if you can afford it but doubt you can and can always just hop into a Vendetta to make it scoring). I'd also swap out a Medusa with 2x Hydras. The original list concept revolves around spamming templates and blasts (mostly blasts) and using Vendettas to pop what needs to be popped more reliably than the Medusas. With the couple changes above a couple of Hydras will help pop/suppress tanks and allow you to utilise the other Medusas/banewolves/flamers more effectively.

IG are a tough matchup for Jumper lists as they can put out a lot of low AP firepower when they drop. With the changes you'd have an easily sacrificable bubble-wrap squad to push the drop units back (otherwise use a Vet unit). Adding the Hydras and autocannons will also help against new DE as you can pop some of their raiders quite easily. The list is obvioulsy good against anything which needs to get close or relies on transports. When you pop a transport guys are clumped which plays into your blast/template focus.
I also forwarded your other question to GWvsJohn.

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