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Monday, January 24, 2011

3++ Merchandise

So this past weekend has been pretty quiet on the actual 40k content, sorry guys. You got a nice bit of info on Friday though to chew through with the Dark Eldar review on special characters and that will continue this week. BroLo was also kind enough to drop a BT post for us in a Templar styled Thunderbubble. We'll get back to usual this week and include some actual updating of the old pages and backlinking of the past month and you learned about the 'Pink Gambit (lol)' in writing for BoLS in an attempt to bridge the perceived gap between competitive and hobby play.

Before we get to more in-depth 40k again (and emails) the poll has finished on whether or not 3++ should have merchandise. The result wasn't resounding (30% for, 50% don't care and 20% against). I know some people are hyper-excited about the possibilities (pringles and VT2 for example) so let's get some more information here. What do you want to see or not see (no condoms pringles)? How would you like it to be done? Do you want commissions from Vince/Rupey/Koopa (I know vince is up for this, no idea about the others =D) such as pink models, etc? Does anyone know any good programs/companies/etc in which to do this, etc.

Anyway sounding ground to get more information after the poll so have at it; this doesn't mean it will happen yet either, just doing my research =D.

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