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Friday, April 1, 2011

[3++ Modeling Monday(ish)] Top Ten #2

Hey Folks, MWC here. I'm a bit late this week with the Top Ten but I hope its worth the wait, at least it will be if you like magnets.  Each week I will pick a different theme and make the Top Ten based on it instead of a random gathering like the first weeks version.

So without further wait, I bring this weeks top ten!

10 and 9)
My first steps using magnets to customize my STC tanks
Magnetizing my STC weapons STC magnetics Part 2 - Both really good starter guides to what to can and cant do. Worth the peek even if you are experienced.

8) Interchangeable Rhino to Razorback including Las/Plas- The mandatory RazBack mag guide. It had to be done..

7) Interchangeable Weapons for the Demolisher - Straight foward and right to the point. Deck your Russes out anyway you see fit!

6) How to magnetise your Blood Angels assault squads - Very handy if you want to play regular BA's or flip over to a DoA force! Very handy and now something im doing for all my assault marines.

5) Magnets! Two Models for the price of one - Get 'er done!

4) Magnetizing your army for less than 10 dollars - Great for transporting your force from table to table at a tourney if your not using a display board.

3) Magnetizing the Storm Raven - All 'Ravens should be magged. The end.

2) Valkyrie/Vendetta Magnetisation - Very handy for all guard players alike.

1) The Difficulty in Magnetizing a Dreadknight - Thought you would mag-out your Dreadknight with all the options? Well, its not so easy but still doable, so, go for it!

That's it for this weeks top ten brought to you by MWC. If you have recommendations for next week, please feel free to leave a comment and share the link!

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