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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blood Angel Ideas - Because overtiredness makes me think.

I realiseI promised more deployment articles, and I've had some people begging for castling advice, but fact is I'm working on a plant shutdown at the moment, and don't have the mental capacity for articles of that nature. So to fill space instead while pink bits is gone ....

Okay, so chatbawks inspired madness. Been thinking a lot of how to use Stormravens, since I came back from Brisvegas on Tuesday. I really like the model, but its hard to justify them at 1750. Kirbs gonna do a full article, so I'll save my full thoughts for that, but I'm going to focus on one thing in this list.

The Raven is a gunboat first, and a transport second.
No, really, I mean that. Its amazing. 4 Str8 AP1 Missiles on a first turn barrage? Yes please. Oh, they are single shot, well boohoo, thats okay with me. The very realistic chance to not only disable, but destroy, one of your AV13 or lower vehicles first turn, is worth it. Thats not taking into account its other weapons, which are also handy (Plasma Cannon/MM combo, with Hurricane Bolters, is my choice.)

Riddle me this, Clyde-frog - What makes Railheads so goddamned scary? Its the firepower they bring, and the cover save they always have! Frustrating, no? So that gave me an idea.

1750 Double StormRavens -

Libby, Shield/Sword
Sang Preist, LC

5 Man ASM Squad, Melta/Powerfist, Las/Plas
5 Man ASM Squad, Melta/LC, Las/Plas
3 x 5 Man ASM Squads, Melta, Las/Plas
1 x Rifle Dread
2 x single MM/HF Speeders
2 x Stormravens, with Hurricane Bolters, TL MM/ TL Plasmacannon

So basic set up? Libby and LC Assault Squad in one raven, Sang preist and Pfist ASM in the other. Ravens hover within 6" of each other, for shield. Razor column trundles towards opponent, speeders turboboost in front to provide cover saves, and everything moves roughly 6" first turn. Alpha strike 2 x vehicles with Ravens, try to stun and shake with the dread/plazors, and see where you end up. After the initial salvo, hover around the 12-24" radius, and pummel infantry squads that end up outside of transports with rapid bolter fire, and plasma cannon templates. Maintain squadron like coherency, and use your suicide melta squads to tie up enemy infantry, while plazors deal with vehicles/heavy infantry. Ravens can be in a position to harry objectives all game, and also have mini-hammer units inside if neccassary, to use that 12"+2"+6" assault range on squads weakened by firepower.

I don't think im too far off the mark. Yes, 8 Hulls at 1750 is not a massive amount, and first turn would be ideal, but thats true of all alpha strike lists. Being able to not only contest, but capture objectives with a 24" range is handy, and being able to move 12" and fire all your weapons (after rockets are gone) is a godsend. (FYI, Plasma/Bolters into infantry, TL MM snipes a vehicles, repeat until stuff is dead.)

Next one is a variation of the Blood Rodeo idea, that I spastically created while talking to Vic.

Libby, Sword/Shield
2 x Sang priests, naked
2 x Sang Guard, 1 x Power Fist
5 x ASM Squads, Melta, Las/Plas Razors
3 x Dakka Preds


Again, not exactly an -optimal- list. But, it does show the same idea that Blood Rodeo has, if done suprisingly differently. By rolling forward the preds and razors, and using them to screen the sang guard (from LOS completely, where possible) we can create a situation where we have a highly mobile force, that has its own counter-attack in the box. Simple premise - Shoot stuff, move forward. Something comes close? Jump over the razors, and punch it in the face, hopefully in range of the priest-mobiles (pope-mobile?) Get out of combat, get back behind the razors, repeat. Simple, yet probably reasonably effective, for tournament play. It is vulnerable to suppression, but hopefully the AV13 5+ save preds can counter that to some degree (works for Railheads, doesn't it?). You still have redundancy, as even ASM with furious charge can be a good counter assault, and your carrying enough melta for when you REALLY have to pop a tank, so the sang guard can eat what is inside.

Again, I'm exhausted from work, but hopefully these create some food for thought. Can't wait forthe GK codex in April, and I'll be trying to figure out how to do a trip stormraven list when that occurs.

I promise, Back to Basics articles when I can get some time. And sleep.

Cheers, SneakyDan

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