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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kirby > Taak

:P. It had to be said Taak.

Got in from store; only got one game in toady even though I wanted two! Played Razorwolves by Taak and trumped him though it was closer than the score indicates. I'll put up a battle-rep later tonight if the computer I'm borrowing accepts my camera (my computer broke in case you didn't know...) as well as aim to get the Tyranid/Space Wolf comparison done ASAP.

I used the Ravener list today rather than the Hive Tyrant list and was quite fond of it. Whilst I sorely missed the combat buffs the Tyrant provides (Paroxyms for the Gants and Old Adversary in general; my MCs missed you!) not to mention his punching ability in combat, the Raveners provided an extra wave of attackers and conundrums for Taak in what to shoot his lascannons and missiles at.

All in all was a good game (though Taak took like 2 hours for his first two turns) though some tweaking could be done on both sides which you'll see later. Vince won his game with his Jumper army against Phil (hi Phil) who was using a Hybrid Marine Vulka list with 10 TH/SS. It was over before we finished T2 of our game...

Anyway Bat-rep up tonight hopefully!

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