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Saturday, February 5, 2011

NOVA Open: Roland's Cast His Lot

Hey all! This is going to be a realllllllly short post as there's not much to say other than:


I don't know which other 3++ Authors are going (hopefully some so we can converge and have a 3++ beer drinking and gaming session), but hopefully some of them are so we can fully represent the Pink Army.

With all that said, how many of you, our dear readers, are going to NOVA Open this year and what army/armies are you bringing? Personally, I've decided to go with my Space Wolves b/c:

a). My Elysians are sidelined in a basement somewhere
b). I've been working on my Wolves for too long NOT to play them
c). They're the only army I've been playing for the past year.

So now I've got about 5 months to finish painting and modeling the army, somehow find about 10 more Long Fangs with ML's, and let's not forget those 6 TWC models I need. Any help in finding/acquiring these would be much appreciated :)

As for my list, it's a fairly straight forward and typical hybrid Space Wolf list. Do I expect to do super well with it? Not really. I'm actually just hoping to pull out a solid 2-2 on Day 1 and go from there. Anything better than that is just gravy. Onto the list! (this is based off memory too so points may be slightly off)

Varyags of Miklagaard VII

1). Wolf Lord - WC, SS, TWM, WTN, WTT, Saga of Warrior Born, 1X Fenrisian Wolf
2). Rune Priest - Chooser, Saga of the Beast Slayer, Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath (these two power I always use. I never change it up as they've proven to be the most effective combo)

1). 3X Wolf Guard - 3X Combi-meltas, 2X PF, 1X WC
2). 5X Wolf Scouts - 1X Meltagun
3). Lone Wolf - TH, SS, 1X Fenrisian Wolf (GWvsJohn always tells me to drop the TH and go CF...and I normally agree except I like my TH/SS model :) Oh and I like being able to Stun things. Plus I figure his role is more MC smashing and light/medium vehicle crushing (i.e. AV 12 or less)

1). 8X GH's - 1X Meltagun, Mark, Wolf Banner, Rhino
2). 8X GH's - 1X Meltagun, Mark, Wolf Banner, Rhino
3). 8X GH's - 1X Meltagun, Mark, Wolf Banner, Rhino

1). 2X TWC - TH, SS, (Lord goes here)
2). 3X TWC - TH, SS

1). 5X Long Fangs - PL, 5X ML
2). 5X Long Fangs - PL, 5X ML
3). 4X Long Fangs - PL, 4X ML

Total: 1999 (or something really close)

How this will play at NOVA is up in the air. I have few Troops, which means holding/taking objectives will be difficult. I've got decent armor suppression with the 14 ML's, as well as the threat of SURPRISE! visits from the Scouts. The Cav give me some long range CC threatening power, and the Lone Wolf is just there to either soak up shots or get ignored and then get in CC to smash things. That's the long and short of it.

That's about it from me. Let us know if you're going, what army you're thinking of bringing, and share any list ideas you may have! Hope to see some of you there!

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