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Saturday, March 12, 2011

[Modeling] MWC Knight Paladin Multi Part Kit

Some of you are aware I made a Knight Paladin Multi part resin kit 2-3 years ago. It was up for limited sale and while it was a big hit for a short period of time, the molds began to take damage and as such it was stopped being sold.

After working on making tie Mk 1 into the Mk 1B, and finding a local caster, Ive decided to open sales 1 last time. There will only be a total of 10 sold and a grand total of 13 made. (3 being for me to keep myself.) Each set will come with full weapon options, all 6, 3 ranged and 3 CC. It will also come with a HAND converted head on request.

So onto the pictures of the parts before casting:


Upper Arm and Shoulder:

Weapon Arm Shield:



Upper Thighs:


Lower Leg (minus shin armor or Knee pad, for better posing)

Shin armor:


And finally 2 Teaser shots of all the parts laid out as well as one with it fully assembled.

The Mk 1B will be more detailed, , more modular and have holes pre made to add magnets for weapon swapping.

(credit for the paint job goes to one of the Buyers, Grimdisco)

So I was searching around seeing if anyone had posted pics of my painted Knight kit that was for sale for a limited time and I came across Grim's. And the only thing that comes to mind is WOW.

I must say, he did one heck of a job painting this bad boy up. I also liked his alternate converted Sentinal head and I have done something VERY much like it for the Mk1B. Each one scratch built on request.

And some shots of it pre painted and the converted head that looks awesome!

If anyone out there has bought the kit and has some painted pictures, id love to see them! As for me, I only have 4 pictures of a Nurgle version that's not painted:

So if you like the Mk 1 , wait till you get a gander at the Mk 1B!

I personally cant take credit for the one based off of the Sentinel head but after seeing it Ive already made 3. I cant cast them up for the kit but they can be built by hand on request. The other 2 heads are variations of the same one.

Another style has been requested that has the vents shaved down and the head itself turned into a sort of Grey Knight Helmet, which actually, should be pretty darn easy as all takes is filling, sanding and some drilling for drill holes.


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