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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Collect and paint an army in 3 weeks (Part 2). Sponge is your friend,

Hi again people!

Only a short update today but there is some news to report upon!

The poll showed a definate edge to Dark Eldar and Deathwing as what people wanted to see, those were the armies I was leaning towards but I just couldn't find a way of making the venoms I liked or thought would have enough time to replicate, as such the Deathwing were chosen!

I already had 20 TH/SS terminators, 10 were built as thundernobs as I'm currently calling them, the other 10 are in the process of being transformed.

When I paint an army I typically paint one model 100% to see if I like the colour scheme before spraying the whole army, not only does this let me tailor any new painting techniques but it also allows me to see where speed could be improved and also prevents me from messing up a whole army instead of just one figure.

The aim is to use this army for the majority of tournaments I attend in 2011, as such I wanted to paint it well as most tournaments in the UK have a "Best Painted Army" or the like award and those are always nice to win!

I've always been a big fan of hawk torqouise since way back when I saw a guy highlighting black with it at GW Guildford around the time Titan Legions was released! I'd recently seen my close friend Richard Fielder paint a Genestealer Cult with it and there's an awesome Thraka model on CMON where by eye it's clear that hawk torquoise was used!

Now, I'm nowhere near as good a painter as Emuse BUT I still wanted to try and replicate something in that ball park whilst maintaining speed, don't forget there's 26 infantry and 3 predators to paint in the prospective list and there's now only 2 weeks until the tournament!

I will be doign a video of how I painted the orks but for these models there were two techniques I hadn't used previously, these being the "scratch effect" and non-metallic metals (NMM), once again, I'd be the first to admit that neither of these I've pulled off perfectly, but on the scale I'm painting I think they look good enough!

The scratches are primarily painted with a sponge, it was something I've seen before on tutorials and I thought I'd give it a whirl myself, it is surprisingly fast!

For those that read this far, take another look at the obligatory cheesy picture at the top, and as the saying goes, when you see it, you shit brix!

Much love, good night,

Rupert xx

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