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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Army Pictures - Andy Atkins (Sons of Medusa)

Sorry no post this morning, had to head into embassy and missus still sick. Add in the massive amount of painting I have before me and I'm currently run off my feet! Anyway, a user submitted a list a while ago for review and has kindly sent in an email with his final army list and some pictures for us to enjoy. Here's the email with pictures at the bottom. The army looks fantastic so I hope you enjoy.

"Heya Kirby,

A couple of weeks ago you nicely answered a question about building a dreadnaught spam list. I confess I didn't really build a list like the ones that you list on your site - mainly because my group that I play with is more casual than competitive, and I definitely fall into the fluff-is-more-important-than-winner camp. However, I did look the lists over and got lots of ideas, and the tactics I've learned on 3++ has helped me do very well in my group - so thank you! While this list would most likely be torn apart in a strongly-competitive environment, I'm having a lot of fun with it.

I ended up going with Vanilla marines, because I wanted to do Sons of Medusa, and BAs didn't feel right. Here's what I ended up with:

MoF on Bike w/Conversion Beamer
Librarian w/Plasma Pistol (Null Field and Machine Curse...come'on, he's a Sons of Medusa :))
Techmarine w/ Combi-Melta
Ironclad with 2x HK, Assault Launchers, Hurricane Bolters, Chainfist
Ironclad with 2x HK, Assault Launchers, Hurricane Bolters, Seismic Hammer
Scouts with 4xSniper and Missile Launcher
5xTacticals w/ LasPlas Razorback
5xTacticals w/ LasPlas Razorback
10xTacticals w/Multi-Melta, Flamer, Rhino w/HK
2xAttack Bikes
1xLand Speeder Typhoon
1xLand Speeder MM/HF
Venerable Dreadnaught w/Plasma, Missile, and Extra Armor
Dreadnaught w/ 2xTLAC
Dreadnaught w/Assault Cannon

So, the Lib and Tech join the razorbacks, and the MoF joins the Attack Bikes. In my group this has worked well as it gives him two other bodies to help soak up wounds, and once he's done carving out high AV, moving up to <36" allows him and his "bodyguards" to chew up infantry. I even modeled them special... Again, not a 3++ list - I'm sure you could find lots of things to change (more TLAC dreads, no ironclads, no ven, more speeders, no techmarine), but I think this _looks_ like what a SoM force might look like...and that's what I like. Coupled with the tactics and tricks I've picked up on 3++, I've been doing all right with them. As promised, here's some links to my photobucket account with some pics. I'm particularly proud of my "attack bikes" counts-as: cyclops demolition vehicles with tarantula turrets. They're supposed to be drones slaved to the MoF. As I said in my first email - I'm not that great of a painter. Particularly eyes - I gotta fix the techmarine (his eyes are wacked).

Again, thanks for the advice and the great articles! -- 

Andy Akins"

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