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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Dark Eldar Models - Venom, Talos, Cronos and Scourges

Like dude. One of the most awaited models has been set up for pre-order and that is of course the Dark Eldar Venom. It looks suspiciously like some conversions I've seen out there by other individuals but it's finally here so who can complain (waits for complainers)? The Talos and Cronos on the other hand look drop dead gorgerous, spiffing and like nothing I've seen elsewhere. A much better upgrade over the old Talos as well...very good! It's also a single set which is nice. And finally the Scourges. I think I prefer some of the conversions out there compared to these guys but they look the part and with leathery and feathered wings, there's something for everyone. It looks like there is only one option of each gun which is pretty bad but with some swapping or bitz sites you can get everything you need.

Everything is plastic which is obviously fantastic and a battleforce has also been released. This includes 10 Wyches, 10 Warriors, 3 Reavers and a Raider which isn't too bad though the Warrior and Wych combination is annoying. Gives you good core units which are used in most armies however which is always a bonus.

Check out the pictures and enjoy! The models are up for pre-order at Games Workshop.

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