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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blog Wars Breakdown

What a weekend. My first visit to Warhammer World, followed by a great day at Blog Wars. Unfortunately ths meant I had to meet Venerable Brother from Sons of Sanguinius. What a jerk. His boys are nice chaps, but this guy... what a douche. Only kidding, he's got a pink army, Kirby would never let me say a bad word about such a person. And yeah... I stole the pic from your blog. Deal with it!

First of all, Warhammer World is great. The show room was great, but I was a bit disappointed at the number of gaps in the display cabinet. The games room was vast and the themed tables were great. I'll have to get back up there one day for a game on one. Bugman's Bar was cool... shame I had my ass handed to me at pool. By a girl!

On to Blog Wars. It was my first trip to Maelstrom... what an awesome venue. Great tables, great scenery, nice bar and pretty decent food. The organisation of the tournament was pretty decent too. The only 'glitch' I noticed was in the totaling of points at the end, which was quickly remedied. There was a prompt start, easily enough time for games and I didn't notice a single big argument. This may have been due to the ethos of the event or maybe the presence of many experienced players. What you'd expect at a tournament.


Game 1 - Against Arteides from Sons of Sanguinius. His list can be found here. I think it's something similar to what he would normally use, with some jokey elements added in. A beautifully modeled force and a great chap. The game was Spearhead and Capture and Control. His was towards his deployment corner, mine was a bit closer toward the centre. I deployed agressively with the assault element toward the right centre and the shooty terminators toward the left centre. The Crusader squads would form the second waves. He set his blobs up almost opposite my terminators with the vendettas and hydras in the backfield. The vets went into reserve. I moved and shot... doing nothing. He shot and I moved at him some more. He charged a big blob and they died. Seriously EC, Marshal, Grimaldus and 6 terminators will do that. It ended with him blocking the remaining elements of my deathstar with his remaining hulls. At the end of 5, it would have been a draw. Turn 6 enabled him to tank-shock with both a chimera and a vendetta giving him a 1-0 objective victory. The only news here is 4 or more turns of shooting and 1 round of combat wasn't enough for one shooty terminator squad to seriously harm a Vendatta. Ridiculous. Oh... and Straken killed the Emperor's Champion. Dumb.

Game 2 - Against Chris (Suneoken) from Pathfinder. I first of all have to apologise. I was a bit fed-up during this game. 2 games against guard will do that to you. I was a bit sloppy in my movement and I respect Chris for being honest and saying he felt I was moving more than 6". I hope he realised that's not what I'm like... I was more than happy to 'remind' people of things throughout the tournament to my detriment. The only thing that ever came close to be being close distance-wise was one of his shooting attacks, which was probably just out, but I was happy to roll with it being in. I'm not usually like that, honestly. The game wasn't a huge amount of 'fun' at first if I'm being honest. 15 mortars, 1 basilisk, 1 LRBT and numerous 48" weapons do that to a foot list. The game was kill points and DoW. Again, as is the BT way I set-up relatively aggressively. I knew I only needed to take on one flank to win with kill points. I only had 8 total. Assault terminators and the Marshal were deep-striking. The game was basically this. I was lazy in spreading out my crusader squads and they died reasonably quickly to AP3 templates. Strange that huh? The terminators + EC plodded on, slowly eeking out kill points. Grimaldus got his fair share of killpoints back too. When the Marshal and Termies arrived (turn 4 I think), I think the game was already sealed. By the end of the game I won 10 - 4 I think. VPs was about 650-1300 against me. One reason why I think Kill Points are dumb. He was a decent guy and again I apologise for not being as enthusiastic as I am usually. Thanks for keeping the missus' entertained though. She didn't get how I won after picking up handfuls of marines with each template.

I'm going to do another post on this game at a later point as I think there are a number of learning points for both of us.

Game 3 - Another Chris (from WeeMen), but fortunately not more guard. This was against 'nids. I really wanted to play this list from the beginning. Not because 'Nids have been nerfed, but more because I just love 'em. Once again Chris was a really decent chap and had to put up with the missus stealing my dice and putting them sheep side up (Shaun the Sheep = 6 - I'm from Wales alright)... sometimes mid-rolling. Anyway, it was a really good game that I thought would be reasonably easy at first. I then misjudged a few moves, paid a heavy price and looked set to lose it until turn 7. Grimmy then pulled an amazing stunt out of the bag and gave me a win on the last assault of turn 7. One of the most enjoyable games I've ever played in. I should have been more aggressive from the start, but a great game overall. Thanks buddy, I really hope we can play again sometime and I hope you keep the nids up and keep on attending tournies. I'd recommend Purgatus' Best Overall for all of your 'Nids needs.

Anyways, it was a great day and props to Alex From the Fang (or should it be Alex from From the Fang?) for organising it. I'd recommend Blog Wars 2 to anybody in the UK. Overall I came 10th out of 26th. I'm pretty happy with that considering the list I took. Because of the way the missions went (standard BRB missions), we ended with 6 people on 2/1/0 and 5 on 2/0/1. Considering my first game was so close and the fact I only had 2 units with 'ranged' (24") weaponry, I was a happy little BroLo. Thanks again Alex.

You'll notice I haven't mentioned the winner of the tournament... I'm sure he'll show his ugly face and let everybody know who won it. I told you all... WAAC-jerk. Love you Andy!

p.s. I didn't take any photos, but Arteides did with his SLR, so there should be some good pics somewhere soon.

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