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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Email in: 1,500 Tyranid list

Image from Dverning


I've been enjoying your blog recently, seems a more relaxed place to talk about the joys (and dismays) of 40k. I'm predominantly a templar player, but recently I've started to build up a nid army. I quite enjoyed the idea of psychic and synergy in my army, rather than every man for himself as my Templar lists kept turning out. Anyhow, after a few trial games this is the list I've come up with, and I'd love to hear some input on it. It's mostly going to be facing vanilla space marines, necrons, mechdar, mech tau and mech meltavet guard.

HQ - Tyranid Prime with Lash whip and bonesword, deathspitter

Elites - 2 x Hive Guard
- DoM in spore with cluster spines

Troops - 2 x Tervigon, scything talons, catalyst, adrenal glands
- 2 x 10 Termagants
- 3 Warriors with boneswords and deathspitters
- 7 Genestealers with toxin sacs

Heavy Support - 2 x Trygon with adrenal glands

Overall 1,496, 34 troops, 4 MC

From the practise games I've played I think the real weakness here is the DoM. Although I love the guy, and see him more as a fun choice rather than serious gaming choice, he really seemed to struggle against any mech armies (although he did single handedly take out a necron lord with 10 warriors in 1 shooting phase!). 1 other question I had was are the 1 weapon upgrade for spores and scything talons / crushing claws on tervigons compulsory upgrades?

Any helps appreciated, thanks!


No to the one weapon upgrade question. DoM is certainly a hit or miss kind of unit and with only the Hive Guard as your ranged anti-tank, I'd drop him in favor of some more Hive Guard. You then need to decide: Warriors or Genestealers? Both squads are rather small so you'd need at least two of them to be effective at 1500 points. Both are decent options but I'd probably go with the Genestealers with your list. You can give them FNP from the Tervigons and you've got quite a bit of combat ability in your army elsewhere so it gives your opponent multiple threats to worry about.

The key will be to keep your Hive Guard alive. I'd change the Prime around so he isn't paying for a ranged weapon and has regen. Use the Tervigons to shield them as much as possible (you can BLoS to them but it's difficult) and combine Catalyst + the Prime attachment to keep the squads alive as long as possible. By the time you've reach the enemy you should have de-meched something and if not, you've got the Trygons on the charge. Once things are de-meched you have a lot of combat ability between the Prime, buffed Gants, Trygons and Genestealers to punish nearly anyone.

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