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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Email in: Army List advice: 1500 SM



Just looking for some advice and suggestions on how to expand my army list from 1000pts to 1500pts. I have my own ideas but have been seeking input from people such as yourself. Anyway, less talk more rock.

Here is my army list 'core':

Librarian [Null Zone, Avenger] 100

Tactical Squad [Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Missile Launcher], Rhino @ 220
Tactical Squad [Combi-Melta, Meltagun, Missile Launcher], Rhino @ 220

Land Speeder [Typhoon, Heavy Bolter] @ 90
Land Speeder [Typhoon, Heavy Bolter] @ 90

Predator [Autocannon, Heavy Bolters] @ 85
Predator [Autocannon, Heavy Bolters] @ 85

I felt this ticked most boxes, to be honest. The leftover 110pts are generally filled with things ranging from a Dreadnought to a Scout Squad or whatever. Now I want to expand to 1500. I recognise that I need more Melta at this level, in addition to some more infantry to divert attention away from my two vulnerable objective-grabbing Tactical Rhinos.

Previous suggestions for this 500-600pts have been:

+10 Tactical Marines in Rhino, +5 Terminators w/ CML
+10 Sternguard in Rhino, +5 ML Devastators in Rhino (Sternguard split into both Rhinos)
+10 Tactical Marines in Rhino, +2 Rifleman Dreadnoughts

Or various combinations thereof. Would love to know what you would suggest and how to play it.


Solid core at 1000 points in terms of balance. First thing I'd be looking at for 1500 points: MM/HF Speeders or MM Attack Bikes. Get a squad of either (2 MM/HF Speeders or 3 MM ABs) and then go from there. I'd look to get either Dreadnoughts or some Sternguard squads in Razorbacks/Rhinos with combi-meltas + some of their heavy weapons. Dreadnoughts are cheaper so could allow you to grab another Predator. I'd also look to get a small scout squad with cloaks you can put in the backfield for objective holding.

Once you move from 1500 the first thing you should do is get a 3rd tactical squad but 2x10 should be fine at 1500, especially if you get that scout squad to babysit an objective.

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