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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Email in: Hybrid BA


"Hey Kirby,

How are you? Working on your PhD yet? Now that we are done with the pleasantries, of to the nitty gritty ;)

I have finally painted up to 1500 points of my very first 40k army (Orks), so I'd figure I treat myself to a new one. I have been toying around with the idea for a hybrid BA force. I like the fast paced play style and having options (shooty combined in your face assaults). So I figured I'd make up a hybrid BA list. No simple task for a newbie. I could use your help on this one. Here goes...

Libby w/ jump pack
I am still not sure what power to take, Shield most likely and undecided on whether to take Lance or Sword. Kinda depends on how play tests come out I guess...

Honor Guard w/ jump packs and 3x meltagun

Priest w/ jump pack and power sword

2x 10 ASM w/ 2 meltaguns, sargeant w/ power sword and meltabombs

4x 5 ASM in Razorback w/ TL-Heavy flamer

Fast Attack
2x Baal Predator w/ TL-Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter Sponsoons

Heavy Support
3x RifleDread

Total: 2000

MO: Baal Preds and dreads give fire support and suppression + some duality against elite infantry. Actual tank killing is done by HG and the ASM jumpers (who are joined by either the priest or libby and will almost never combat squad). The flamer backs are for mopping up infantry and scoreing purposes. The Jumpers can either use DoA or move up behind a wall of metal boxes. Jump pack movement allows them to keep up with the fast vehicles. Which brings me to the first of two things about this list I am not to sure about: The dreads are considerably slower than the other elements in the list. With everything moving around they might be left hanging out to dry (and die), on the other hand they do provide much needed saturation and long ranged firepower. Makes brain hurt... Secondly, are there enough FNP/FC bubbles? I expect the HG to drop in, kill a target and die. Not that I would want them to, but no smart opponent is going to let a threat like them run around near his/her (yeah right) tanks. Leaving only the priest as a source for FNP/FC. I am used to having to work with a KFF Big Mek so conga lining and precisely placing models so that they are just within 6" is doable, but I figured I'd just check with the professionals. Finally I have been toying around with the loadout on the priest and ASM sergeants. With 10 ASM per unit there will be plenty of attacks flying around, so power swords would add more than lighting claws, the meltabombs are filler and to make up for the lack of powerfists (I could not find points to include those).

Anyway I would love to hear your (and the rest of the pink army's) opinion on the list.

Kind regards,


Jabra I think the list is pretty solid overall for a Hybrid BA but there are some things I'm not liking. The single Priest is going to find himself overworked. One of the great advantages of BA MSU Mech is having a Priest handy to make them decently scary in combat and hard to kill. I'd look at getting a second one of these. The other thing is the lack of anything on the small ASM units in the Razorbacks. Give them at the least a meltagun and I'd prefer to see such things as an infernous pistol and power weapon as well so they aren't glorified scoring boxes. They will get shot out sometimes and need to do things so make them be capable of doing things.

Other than that everything looks dandy so we need to decide how to make this happen. Personally I'd drop the Honor Guard. Whilst that extra FNP bubble and a bunch of meltaguns in one place is nice, as you said it's an easy target choice for your opponent. Dropping them frees up 195 points, easily enough for another Priest with a Jump Pack and some upgrades on the MSU ASM squads. I'd also look to upgrade the Power Swords on the large ASM squads to Power Fists and perhaps give them a pistol each as well. Don't be afraid to combat squad these guys btw, they are just as effective and spread your melta out (though it does give you a lot of KP in KP missions).

Any spare points can go into giving the Priests combat weapons (LClaws) or the smaller ASM squads as I suggested above. HKMs with any spare are also an option for an early salvo.

The Dreadnoughts are fine though if you feel they are going to be left behind, look to get some ACLC Preds. LoS becomes a huge issue with sponsons then though, particularly since the Flamerbacks want to be aggressive. Whilst the Dreads may find themselves in the back and online, they are still going to be capable of providing fire support without actually being part of the massed mech wall moving forward. This makes midfield a little less crowded which is a bonus for you but exposes your armor AV11 more often.

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