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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Email in: Mail in army list: dark eldar


"Hay there!

I'm a long-time reader of your stuff and find your help for lists is full of great ideas. I'm giving dark eldar a go after playing space wolves for yonks. I've only played a few games and enjoy the drastic difference with this army, and would like to think more competitively with what I can do. I'll blurb after the list.

1750 Kabal of the Blooded Sky

Malys counts-as (in with Incubi)

Succubus, Splinter pistol, Agoniser (in with Wyches)

4 Incubi, Venom, w/ Splinter Cannon

3 Trueborn, 3 Blasters, Venom, w/ Splinter Cannon

9 Wyches, shardnet, Haywire Grenades, Raider w/ Flickerfield, Lance

10 Warriors, Lance, Raider w/ Flickerfield, Lance

5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom w/ Splinter Cannon

5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom w/ Splinter Cannon

5 Warriors, Blaster, Venom w/ Splinter Cannon

5 Scourges, Solarite, Venom Blade

Ravager w/ Flickerfield, Lances

Ravager w/ Flickerfield, Lances

Razorwing w/ Flickerfield, Monoscythe payload

I really like Malys, I don't know your opinion of her. I think she has some great stats, loads of powered attacks and the funky redeployment thing, for very little points. I'm not a fan of Vect, more often than not I see him on lists, and I like trying things differently. The succubus is for some hitting power for high toughness targets, so my wyches unit can potentially cope with more targets, again for cheap and nice stats etc. I can see an arguement for 3 ravagers too, but Mr razorwing has got some great things going for it too and is an awesome model. The scourges are for shooting the hitty stuff and hitting the shooty stuff, I think I have enough lance weapons on the field for anti-tank. Hopefully the rest is obvious.

Hope this isn't too long for your Email In articles, thanks for having a read and keep up the great work!


Malys is fine worry not! The list is solid but with a few quirks. The singular Scourges, Wyches, Trueborn and Incubi for example. You've got good scoring capacity with the Warriors + a lot of anti-infantry firepower from the Venoms with decent lance numbers from the Blasters + Heavy Support. I'd drop the flickerfields from the Ravagers though.

From there though, not too sure. I'd rather see multiple Incubi squads and make them larger (put them in a Raider), replacing the Succubus with a 2nd Archon with PGL. The Wyches are nice and all but they are primarily a tarpit and you don't have enough combat around them to really come in and save them (i.e. Beastmasters, Incubi). If you had more squads where torrenting was possible or simply no other combat units this would be okay. As it stands, your combat ability is pretty token and an assault army is just going to laugh and move through your couple units whilst a shooting army will be able to hit them when they become a threat.

Then the Scourges. They are a nice unit but without any special weapons, kind of wasted. You seem to want these guys to harass the backfield so I'd rather see Reavers here instead. With combat drugs plus their tougher statline, they are much more capable of this. Add in JSJ, Heat Lances and skilled rider and they have a lot more utility than the Scourges when used aggressively. A couple squads of these not only improves your combat ability but gives you backfield harassment and more reliable anti-tank and if you take Duke as your 2nd Archon, they are much more punchy.

With any spare points I'd look to get another Warrior squad or a Beastmaster squad (though I'm pretty sure you'll be close to your points limit with the Incubi + Reavers). The Warriors give you more scoring options and more firepower whilst the Beastmasters give you that different look to your assault output and are scary and durable enough alone to warrant a single squad.

The army list has a little less individualism to it without lots of singular squads but it's keeping to your core premise with only the addition of the Reavers (and potential Duke) as major changes.

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