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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Email in: Possible 6th Ork transport fixes


"Hey Kirby and crew. Still loving the blog.

I was reading some of your articles on the problems with orks as well as a few of your ponderings on how to fix the eldar and vehicle damage charts in 6th. And it got me thinking. What can be done to make ork transports better? Or how to make the ork trukk not be completely useless? And I came up with an idea that I'd love to get your feedback on.

Ork transport squadrons!

So the idea is to let orks take trukks and maybe gunwagons as dedicated transport squadrons. Also to take Looted wagons in squadrons. (why should only IG get to have tank squadrons in thier heavy support? Not to mention making the looted wagon with boomguns not completely useless because now you can have a couple per FoS) Not as a dedicated one but to still be able to be a transport squadron for elites or mobs of boys you dont' want in trukks. Also to maybe have buggies/trakks have a transport capacity of 5 or so. I haven't thought it through fully or run any numbers so I don't know if that would make the orks far to mobile and squew to far back onto the side of agressive awesomness.

So basicly how it would work is a mob of boys could take a squadron of 1-3 trukks. and each trukk could carry up to 10(Maybe 11?) boys. So a full mob of 30 boys could be transported rather than the measly 12 before. Each trukk would carry an equal amount of boys and any remanders could be nominated to be on whichever trukk the ork player chooses. And any ICs joining squads would have to be nominated to be in a specific trukk.

Now in the case of wrecked/exploding trukks, I suggest the ork player have the option of either losing the boys in said trukk with no armour saves (as they would be killed in the crash/explosion and any survivors left behind) or to disembark all orks in the mob from all trukks and perhaps suffering S3 hits on each boy(considering they've jumped out rather quickly from a fast moving vehicle whilst under enemy fire and probably hit the ground in a bad way).

And this would let playes take squads of burna boy mobs or tank busta mobs, of 15 or less, and mount them on buggy/trakk squadrons. So yes they would get across the table much faster but on AV 10 vehicles that could easily get blown out from under them resulting in the loss of up to 5 boys per blasted buggy.

So my suggestions are:

Dedicated transports: 1-3 Trukks, (Fast)
AV 10/10/10, Transport Capacity of 10 (10-30 boys tranposrted)
w/ Big Gun Transport Capacity of 6 (6-18 boys tranposrted)

1-2 Gun Wagons,
AV 12/11/10, w/ Big gun Transport Capacity of 10 (10-20 boys transported)
w/ Kill Kannon Transport Capacity of 7 (7-14 boys transported)

Fast Attack:
1-3 Buggies/Trakks, (Fast)
AV 10/10/10, Transport Capacity of 5 (5-15 boys transported)

Heavy Support:
1 Battle Wagon,
AV 14/12/10, Transport Capacity of 20
w/ Kill Kannon TC of 12
w/ Supa Kannon TC of 6

1-2 Looted Wagons,
AV 13/11/10, Transport Capacity of 13 (13-26 boys transported)
w/ Boomgun TC of 0

You may have noticed I took a couple things from the forge world book as well as moved some armour values around. Also anythign that specifies "Big Gun" would be your standard Kannon, Zzap Gun or Lobba. and anythign specifying Kill Kannon would be your choices of Kill Kannon, Big Zzappa, Big Lobba or Suppa Scorcha. And finaly anythign specifying a SUpa Kannon would be the choice of the Supa Kannon, Supa Lobba or the Flame Belcha. ( I figured the Gaze of Mork should stay on Stompas alone.)

Also as a side note I think ork trukks should have the Trakked option like Buggies. It seems silly that that option is only reserved for Buggies and not Trukks.

So in conclusion I think this would help the orks a great deal in getting more guys across the table much faster and giving opponents more targets to shoot at thus making the trukk not a one hit dud that it is now. Also losing large portions of your mobs for each vehicle that got taken out would help transport squadrons to not be overpowered.

I'd love your thoughts on this and any other possible ideas or modifications you guys could come up with. Or is this just a stupid idea all together?

-The Machine God (gord)

PS: I've also got ideas of combining the Burnas, Lootas and Tank bustas into a Mekk Loota mob to get rid of the Eldar style specialization. (which would also give room in the Elites for Festers idea of Weirdboy squads.) =) More on that later."

My first reaction is no. Upon thinking about it, still gotta say no I'm afraid ^^. You're going to run into all kinds of problems rules-wise in terms of having a single squad transported amongst multiple transports and rather than having special rules for it, just don't have it. Here are some quick and easy fixes for Trukks:

  • cheaper
  • when they explode/wreck, they explode/wreck rather than doing who knows what
  • bigger transport capacity

The last two are the biggies. The problem with Trukk Orks atm is they hit your lines and you care why? 11 Orks + Nob isn't scary so the capacity of the Trukk needs to go up (perhaps 16?). The ramshackle table is also meh. Not knowing what your transport is going to do when it blows sucks and whilst most Ork lists simply run the Trukks forward, dump 40-60 Orks in midfield and then run around as nutty nutcases, leaving wrecks and craters where they were previously position is important. Less random please!

Onto the other things...I'm quite happy with Looted Wagon squadrons though they'd still need to be improved themselves. More access to Battlewagons throughout the army would be good as well (perhaps like the BA codex they are only usable as dedicated transports or a FoC unlock through some special Big Mek/Warboss?) as well as increasing their original capacity. I don't think transport capacity on Buggies/Trakks is a good idea as once again you get the whole squadron concept and splitting up the Ork squads to go inside them. If you aren't splitting them up they are just too tiny to make any difference regardless.

Anyway those are my thoughts, let's hear others.

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