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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sizzle In the Summer 2: Games 1 & 2

Hey all! Roland here again. Time to get into the games and talk quickly about them all. I didn't take photos during my games because...well I was busy having fun and playing and didn't feel like taking out the phone to take some photos. So the only photos are generally overview photos taken by the organizers.

Game 1 vs. John
Army: 2000pts CSM comprised of (IIRC) Khorne Lord (Bloodfeeder, Combi-melta, Plasma Pistol, etc), Slaanesh DP w/ Lash, LR with a full compliment of Berzerkers, TS with a Sorcerer in a Havoc Rhino, PMs in a Havoc Rhino w/ 2 PGs, Defiler with CCWs, 3X Obliterators
Mission: VPs (Primary), Objectives (Secondary), Table Quarters (Tertiary).
Deployment: Dawn of War

That what the board looked like (though that's not our game). I had the bottom half of the table above, he had top. I believe he started his TS rhino behind the ruins in the top left, I started my GHs with RP in a rhino behind the bottom left pillar of the Landing Pad (LP). His turn 1 he moves his LR on right behind the LP, shoots under neath the pad at my rhino, and wrecks it. He forgot to move on the rest of his army turn 1...I reminded him during shooting if he wanted to, but he accepted the mistake and so everything was coming on from reserve. My turn I rolled in everything but the Scouts who were outflanking. My DP with Lord and Termie retinue dropped in right between the LP and the citadel on the right side of the board. My RB squad came in rom the bottom right and took the objective at the base of the citadel. Behind them ran in a LF squad. A speeder zoomed in to the right of the bottom tower, while a LF squad ran into the towers. To the left of the tower is a small ruin which my last LFs ran into, while they had a GH squad move on to their right (to the left of the tower), and a final squad moved on to the left of the LFs in the ruins. My last speeder zipped in 12" from the bottom left edge up to the ruins near the middle-left, giving them a nice shot at the TS rhino in the ruins. Shooting was simple (and ridiculously lucky) - left speeder immobilized TS rhino and the AC WG shot the side of the LR and immobilized it.

Turn 2 saw him move his Berzerkers out of his LR and assault the WG squad. His Defiler also arrived. He moved on behind the LP as well (behind the LR). Otherwise nothing else of his army arrived from reserves. Nothing really happened with shooting and his 'Zerkers pwned all my I1 termies in CC, leaving my Lord w/ FB all alone stuck in combat. Turn 2 my Scouts hid out still, and pretty much I just threw ML rounds into the LR and the disembarked TS squad...doing nada (well I killed 1 TS). My lord crushed face in CC and killed 2-3 Zerkers without suffering any wounds.

Turn 3 saw his Oblits, DP, and PMs arrive. He deep struck his Oblits into the ruins in the bottom left corner, and he moved his Rhino on behind the ruins in the tops left (to the right of the of ruins and the Immobilized rhino). His TS tried to sniper some of GHs of mine who were chilling in their wrecked rhino still, but to no avail. CC saw my Lord with 6-7 attacks (forgot which, but I LOVE WARRIOR BORN) smash more face in CC, causing another 3 wounds. My turn, Scouts arrive (yay!) and outflank behind the two Rhinos in the top left. My Rhino squad on the right moves up some more and pops smoke. The wrecked Rhino GH squad move forward and under the LP to try and shoot the LR. Shooting sees nothing spectacular, except the left speeders and center fangs kill 2/3 Oblits (yeah he sort of forgot to shoot with them) and my main body of Fangs knock all but 2 wounds off the DP. Scouts whiff completely in their attempt to pop the PM rhino and have to face the fury of 2 Havoc launchers the next turn...sigh.Combat sees the Lord kill two more and remain locked in combat.

His turn 4 sees the DP move into combat with the Lord and Zerkers. He finally uses the Oblit to Plasma Cannon my LFs in the center ruins. He also wrecks my speeder with....forgot what but it got wrecked. Scouts took some wounds too. CC saw the Lord finally kill of the DP, but die to the last 2 Zerkers...arg. He consolidated toward the top right objective. My turn I moved the GH rhino up behind the Pod for cover, moved the LP GH's further under the LP to shoot the LR, shot the Defiler and immobilized it with my Fangs, and failed to kill the the Obliterator with shooting. The GH's under the LP popped a few rounds off at the LR and managed to just shake it. Nothing happened in assault.

Turn 5 His PMs moved up to the left of the LP, disembarked, and killed the remaining GHs hiding under the LP. That was about it for shooting. My turn, GH behind the pod disembarked, moved just outside the terrain piece (w/in 3" of the Objective though) and shot the last 2 'Zerkers off the objective. That was basically game there. I had 3 objectives in my grasp, controlled three quarters, and had a 200VP lead.

Result: Win.
Lessons Learned: For me, nothing much. It was a fun game to start with and definitely was a great way to kick off the tourney.

Game 2 vs. Tom
Army: Pedro Space Marines, comprised of (something like) - Pedro, Libby with Null Zone and one other power, Sternguard in a LR with a few combi-meltas, flamers, Two Tac Squads Combat squadded (one had a PC...that's all I remember), Scouts with Telion (Sniper Rifles and a ML), A LasPlas Rback (with one half of one of the Tac Squads), 1 TLAC Rback, a Speeder with MM/Typhoon Missiles, a Venerable TLLC/ML Dread, and a Vindicator with Chronus.
Mission: Objectives (Primary), Quarters (Secondary), VPs (Tertiary)
Deployment: Pitched Battle

That's our table and our game! I had bottom he had top (that's me in the awesome SoCal looking plaid). 5 objectives, one in the center of each quarter, 5th was dead center board...which was right on the bridge. I set up 2 Fang squads in the ruins in the bottom right, had the RBack around the corner hidden with a Speeder in front of it. In front of the Speeder were 2 choo-choo trained Rhinos. Middle of the board I had a lone LF squad and Speeder hiding behind some cover, and I had a lone GH squad behind the buildings in the bottom right to try and grab that objective later on. The top right objective was in the monastery to the top right, and the 4th was in behind the building to the top left. The one in the bottom right wa right in front of that speeder on the edge of the ruins. He set up pretty much as is....his Vindi, LR, Dread, and Speeder in the middle, basically a Tac squad behind the ruins in the top left, Telion and Scouts in the Monastery, and the two Rbacks on the far right behind the monastery. He had first turn, but I figured I'd steal initiative and did. This would affect me later on, as I for some reason kept thinking I was the second to go, not the first. Scouts outflank as always. Turn 1 I land the DP right in front of his LR, thereby blocking ALL movement for his super squad and support elements. I move the conga line of Rhinos up a bit and pop smoke. Shooting sees me do some damage - I blow the LC off the dread and kill some of the Tacs behind the upper left building. His turn he moves the RBs on the right forward and moves the Vindi and speeder up some. Shooting sees him wreck the DP! Which was a bonus for me as now it's a huge piece of blocking terrain. His movement was now severely restricted due to the dangerous/difficult nature of the wrecked pod. He also killed 2 of the WG, Immobilized the lead Rhino and destroyed rear one. The LFs in he building take a few casualties. Otherwise, quiet round.

Turn 2 I disembark the lead Rhino GHs and move them toward the door of the monastery (just outside of it). The Lord breaks away from the AC Termie (as he was still alive) to try and join the GHs in their upcoming assault into the monastery. In an attempt to move my rhino on the far left forward to start putting pressure on that side of the board and grab the objective, I rolled DT...and got a 1. So they weren't going anywhere for a while. Shooting saw me blow up the AC RB (which was empty), and put the speeder out of commission. I didn't do any damage to the Vindi, even though I shot the shit out of it. Killed more Tacs and forced them to run away. The GHs in the ruins of the wrecked rhino rolled a 1" for their DT so basically stayed put and then got a 2" for their run move....sigh. My hopes of having them sneak into the monastery were not to be. Nothing happened in assault due to the GHs at the entry to the monastery being out of range of the Scouts and would need more than just a 6 on the DT roll to make it in....sooo...yeah. The rest was fairly uneventful. His scouts shot a bit at my Priest/GH squad that was stuck in the crater of the Rhino to no avail.

Turn 3 My turn I moved the AC Termie and Lord into assault range of the disembarked Sternguard. I also finally moved the remaining GHs on the right flank out of the ruins of their Rhino and closer to the remaining RB on the right. It was either this turn or the next one the Scouts arrived and outflanked behind the vehicle wall. They had a PERFECT rear armor shot on the LRC, but ended up miffing in shooting. They died/led shortly thereafter so here's the honorable footnote mention in this battle report. Shooting saw me throw some ML's into the remaining RB on the right, destroying it and forcing the squad to disembark. The other Fangs threw some ML's into the Vindi (with no luck) and the almost dead Tac Squad with the PC in it. In my assault I moved the AC Wolf Guard and Lord into assault with the Sternguad, and the GH's on the right into assault with the newly decmech'd RB squad. Now here's my first (of many) learning points in this game. I should have run the Lord into the ruins and assaulted Telion and his Scouts as the Lord would have chewed them to pieces. Instead I figured (wrongly) that he and the PF/AC termie could chew through Pedro, a Banner, a Libby, and like 10 Sternguard. Needless to say, the Lord killed about 4 guys, before he and the Termie were brought down under a flurry of attacks. On the right side, my GH killed 2 and he killed I believe 1, but being Stubborn he held. Upside of this fight is that in this round (and for the next 2) the Wulfen kept rolling 6's for his attacks. He was a plain BEAST in CC. Literally.I'm sort of fuzzy on, but I believe this turn he disembarked the Sternguard from the LR with Pedr \o and Libby in tow. Otherwise his movement was to bring the Vindi up closer to the bridge (so it was to the left of the LR and on the edge of the river). He threw all of his shooting into the exposed GH squad wiping them out to the man. The LasPlas stun-locked the nearest speeder and he dropped an orbital bombardment on all the Fangs in the building...ugh. Lost about half of one squad, and 2 from the other squad. Luckily both passed their pinning and LD tests so would go on fighting. He threw some more shots into the destroyed Rhino GH squad on the right to no avail.

Turn 4 Movement saw me shuffle around a bit, bringing my right Speeder up a few inches so I could make room for the RB that was hiding behind the ruins. I moved the RB up right on to of the objective, which worked fine as he now had cover from the Speeder in front of him. Shooting saw me throw a bunch of ML's into Pedro and his crew, killing several, as well as throwing around 5 or so missiles into the Vindi. The dice were on my side as I managed to pen AND destroy the Vindi. Chronus passes that weird check he makes and disembarked. Finally I managed to finally kill the last 2 Tac Squad guys in the top left, leaving the objective open. Assault saw me kill another Tac marine on the right and he killed 1 in return. Still drawn. His turn saw him move his remaining Sternguard and Libby/Pedro forward to begin the long walk to grab the center objective and bottom right objective. He then gambled big and tried to move his LRC through the DP...and got immobilized! The rock delivery system was now out of commission, and his Sternguard were all out in the open begging to be shot by loads of ML's. Of course immobilizing the LRC now was sort of moot seeing as his Sternguard were all disembarked and walking anyway. But still...Moral victory to me! He also moved and then ran Chronus onto the bridge, to try and contest the objective. Shooting saw him stun/immob my right speeder and he popped a few shots off at the center LF/Speeder group. His scouts also sniped the LF's with no damage done. Assault continued on the right with me losing 1 or 2 and him not losing any. And of course I fail my LD test (by this time the WG had died) and ran about 7-8", which, after his consol, left me outside of 6" so I was able to rally in my turn.

Turn 5 So here's where I fudged it all. I COMPLETELY forgot I went first. At this point, Todd the TO announced 15minutes remaining in the round. Both Tom and I held an objective so we would have gone to Secondary for victory, which was Quarters. At this point I held the bottom half solidly, and he had the top 2 in firm control. This would have brought us to the Tertiary objective of VPs. At this point I was winning VPs (in fact after the game we tallied VPs per the Tourney Rules and I had around a 250-300pt VP lead over him). Tom, being an awesome player and a great guy, asked if we should call it as we might not have enough time to knock out a full turn. Alas, I was confident I could get the final turn in (again thinking I was second) I said let's go for it, as all I had to do was move 1 squad and shoot a bunch of MLs. He agreed, so I disembarked the left GH squad, moved/ran them up to the bottom right objective, disembarked the GHs in the bottom right to surround the objective there. Shooting saw my Fangs kill off the Libby, the rest of the Sternguard, and Chronus. In assault I finally won the assault on the right and consolidated back down toward the ruins. All told it took me 5 minutes. His turn was even shorter. He moved Pedro forward, moved the other half of a Combat squad around the corner of the building in the top right to grab that objective, used his Scouts to snipe the LFs again, and then just barely managed to get Pedro into assault with the GHs. Assault ended as a draw and Pedro was now comfortably contesting the bottom right objective. With that we called game and tallied it up. He had a solid win, holding 2 objectives and contesting 1, to my 1 held objective and 1 contested


Results: Loss, 2-1 Objectives to Tom.
Lessons Learned: PAY ATTENTION! Seriously, I lost in large part due to me losing track of who went first/second and what turn we were on. Had I remembered I went first, I would have disembarked that GH squad in the Immobilized Rhino on the right side of the board at the start of turn 4, moved/ran them onto the objective, and then pulled out a close, but solid, victory. Instead, I got lost in the actual execution of the game/on board tactics, and I forgot the larger picture. Another way of saying this is TIMING. Not just how much time remains in the round, but in a more abstract sense of timing, knowing when to make that late game objective rush or when to push units into Quarters, as opposed to when to hold them back. My timing was horrible in this game (and in game 4). I kept thinking I had more in-game time to make moves to grab objectives and when the realization struck I didn't I had already gone too far down the path to come back and salvage my situation. In essence (and to make a pun toward the board), I went a bridge too far.

In closure, I had 2 very fun and AWESOME first two games of a tourney, and went into round 3 with a solid 1-1 showing, having earned probably around 2500 VPs between the two games. Game 3 would see me face off against my regular opponent, and friend, Todd with his beautiful 'Nid army...but you'll have to wait a bit for that battle report :)

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