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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Email in: Figuring out some Ultramarines

"Hio Kirbs!

I have been a loyal Demonhunters player since 3rd edition but now with the new codex there have been a lot of Grey Knight players popping up. So i thought i would change things up and go back to my first 40k army ever, the Ultramarines, more specifically a pure 2nd company. So my army is similar to the mech army list in the list compilation section but with a few changes. Here it is:

Librarian: null zone, avenger

x2 Tactical Squad (10): power fist, multi-melta, flamer

x3 Tactical Squad (5):
-Razorback: lasplas

Preadator: lascannon sponsons

x2 Preadator: heavy bolter sponsons

x3 Landspeeder: multi-melta, heavy flamer

x3 Landspeeder: typhoon launcher

I know you guys don't love the power fists in tac squads but i thought i need some ability to punch things in close combat because i have nothing else. I also just don't like the feel of dreads because the rest of the army is so mobile (though in the game it wont be moving that much) that two riflemen dreads seemed a little out of place where everything else can move faster than 6 inches. So i replaced the two dreads with 3 typhoons, which i thought was a pretty equivalent trade in firepower output. But now i have 6 speeders that i have to figure out how to group them in squadrons which is causing me a lot of headache. I was thinking of switching out one of the speeders for another so i can have 3 groups of 2 instead of groups of 3, 2, & 1. So your thoughts are appreciated as are any thought on the list in general.



The ACLC Predator is going to be pretty static so I might not take that but rather another ACHB guy. Considering you don't like Dreads for their 6" move and fire, that Pred will be worse. I'd go with 2x MM/HF Speeders and 2x2x Typhoons then. You're overcoming the lack of Rifledreads with four typhoons and you've got that extra LasPlas RBack. With any spare points look to get HKM for a first turn salvo and combis on all of your Tactical squads.

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