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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Email in: Foot and Midfield Tyranid list

"Hey, I've been following your blog for several months and I can say that it as been really useful for me. I got some models of tyranid left from the 4th edition, I always liked the tyranid look on the battlefield, so I decided to give them a try once again, even if a lot of people tell me that in the 5th edition it's not really wise. Anyway, let's try to make something out of my models and some purchases I can make.

Here is a foot list I ended up with, and I would like your thoughts about it. I choose this theme cause I see the tyranids like a mix of small a big bugs that field the ground and never stop their way to destroy any resistance.

I enjoy the 2000 points format cause I and my opponent can field enough tools to not be too frustrated when list building:

Hive Tyrant : Lash/BoneS, HVC, Old Adversary, Paroxysm, Leech Essence 220 pts
Tyrant Guard : 60 pts

2*3 Hive Guard : 150 pts
2 Venomthrope : 110 pts

Troops :
16 Termagant : 80 pts
Tervigon : Catalyst, TS, AG 195 pts
16 Termagant : 80 pts
Tervigon : Catalyst, TS, AG 195 pts
3 Warriors : Deathspitters, Venon Cannon 115 pts
3 Warriors : Deathspitters, Venon Cannon 115 pts

Heavy Support:
Tyrannofex : Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spine 265 pts
Tyrannofex : Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spine 265 pts

Total : 2000 pts

So here, quite a lot of T6 bugs. Pretty easy strategy, the whole army is marching together protected by the Venomthropes cloud and termagant screen. Here, when the army reach the midfield it would be probably pretty hard to remove with the warriors and Hive tyrant psychic powers. I think I still got enough anti-tank in this list with the Hive guard, T-Fex and HVC. Full troops slot, so objective missions shouldn't be a problem. Like I said, pretty straight forward list, but I think could be pretty hard to remove, if I can suppress enough with my AT.

Your thoughts about the list?

PS : Don't be too hard on my spelling, I'm not native, but still try my best :)"

List looks strong overall though a few things stick out. Large Termagant squads aren't really needed. It's not many points but an extra 60 to put elsewhere would be handy to have. And then the Warrior squads. I don't like the small setups unless you have a lot of them. I'd rather see these guys combined into a single squad with some combat upgrades or become Raveners. You lose Troops this way but have a lot of scoring potential already.

The excess points from the Termagants can go into making these Warrior/Ravener squads bigger or look to make a Warrior + Prime combination. You could even drop the Tyrant completely and run two units of larger Warrior squads + Primes. This makes them quite durable and very scary in combat and decent at shooting (though I wouldn't pay the points for the Deathspitters). Otherwise I'd look to get more Tyrant Guard for the Hive Tyrant to make him more durable and scarier (i.e. those 60 points of Gants = 1 Tyrant Guard).

Still, solid overall obviously within the concept of T6 'spam.'

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