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Friday, September 23, 2011

Email in: Advice needed: 2K space marines mixeds pod and bikes


"Hi Kirby,

First i would like to apologize in advance for my poor english (overall my translation of unit name from french :p ) and i wanted to thank you for all the work you do on this blog!
That helped me and my club understand way better the 40k competitive game.

I'm an old vanilla player and i wanted to try something new for me.
So i decided to set 2 list, one being full pod list with vulkan and other one a bike list, unable to decide wich one to use i decided to try a mix of both !
Before building and painting all that i wanted some advice from you :)

HQ :

Vulkan 190

Capitain on bike, Power fist, artificer armor, relic blade, stormshield 195

command squad on bile, Power fist, storm shield x3, flamer, melta x 2, power sword x 2 330

Troops :

bike x 8, flamerx2, Assault bike with multi melta x 2 300

bike x4 melta,flamer 130

Elite :

Sternguard x10 , power fist, combi melta x 4, Heavy flamer x2, drop pod 350

Ironclad melta, heavy flamer pod 180

ironclad, melta, heavy flamer pod 180

Fast attack

Land speeder Heavy flamer, Multi melta 60

Land speeder Heavy flamer, Multi melta 60

Total 1975

my main concern is vulkan and veteran arriving a bit late in game or being a bit alone near a lot of bad guys wanting them dead if i drop them turn one.
Make him come turn 1 with the 2 dread mean getting 2 more pod, and i would need to forget bike and go for a full pod list.

After a lot of reflexion that make my brain burn i decided to write you this mail in order of getting your 40k touch on this :p

Thx a lot !"

I really think you need to go one way or the other - full Pods or Bikes. I'd lean towards the Bikes option as it's a lot easier to work around and you can get other units in to support them in a Hybrid based list. Add in you're spending 700 points on HQs and you're leaving yourself very little wiggle room for what your army actually contains.

With that in mind I'd stick with a core of Bike Captain, Command Squad and two large Bike squads with meltas, PFist and Attack Bike w/MM. From there you can add Vulkan and mech elements if you like. Chuck Vulkan in a single Pod with some Sternguard or Tactical Marines and you can have them come in on Turn 1 with your Bikes Turbo-boosting as support. Grab some Rifledreads, Preds and Speeders for fire support or simply more Bikes for in your face action. You are putting a lot of your army at risk this way so I'd more recommend either a pure bike or Hybrid Bike (with Bikes + Mech, no Vulkan) sort of list. But that would probably be the best way to combine the elements of Pods and Vulkan with Bikes. You're only using one Pod so you know you're going to get it in and your Bikes are supporting the Sternguard who are not then left out to dry.

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