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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Email in: Space Marine 2k list


"Hey Kirby,

Love the blog. Love the advice. I have been playing 40k for about 4 months and feel I have started making decent lists. I am no net lister. I enjoy the painting side every bit as much as the playing side. I wonder if you would give me a few moments of your time and critique this vanilla list. This is for my FLGS that has once a month tourneys and the occasional Dash of Pepper visit.

I feel the list may be short on troops for 2k. I know the devastators are pricey but given what shows up at the FLGS, they catch people off guard and have worked really well for me. Also, the sternguard in the drop pod are combat squaded when they deploy from the drop pod with the all of the combi meltas in a 5 man squad for aggressive tank popping with the 2nd 5 man shooting at the same thing OR shooting at what was inside. It's fairly easy to get the drop pod within 12" and do mass damage. Because the squad is split into 2, it takes even assault based an extra turn to kill them so I don't consider them an expensive suicide squad.


HQ Libby

Termies LC/LC (2) TH/SS (3)
Landraider/ Crusader
Extra Armor

Elite Sternguard (10)
Combi Melta (3)
Drop Pod

Elite Dreadnought

Troops Tac Squad (10)
7 Bolters (Combi Melta on Sgt)
Multi Melta

Troops Tac Squad (5)

Fast Att Landspeeder (2)

Fast Att Attack Bikes (2)
Multi Melta (2)

Heavy S Predator
Heavy Bolter

Heavy S Predator
Heavy Bolter

Heavy S Devastator Squad
Missile Launcher (2)

Two scoring options at 2000 is way too little. We need to up that a lot and you need to drop one of your 'tricks.' Either the Terminators + LRC or the Sternguard. I'm going to suggest dropping the Terminators + LRC as at least with the Sternguard you have options in how to use them. I'd also recommend getting combi-meltas on every single guy there and maybe a couple special weapons (i.e. Heavy Flamers). They are going to be a unit that doesn't survive often though and it is a lot of points to throw at your opponent so I would be very careful with this. I'd almost recommend just taking a five-man squad instead or not running them in a Pod, taking a Transport and combat squadding them between their transport and the Devastators transport.

Either way you're saving points from losing the Terminators so grab another Rifledread and some Tacticals. I'd be looking at the 10-man flamer/MM/combi/Rhino squads at 215 but when you're tight on points the 5-man/combi/Razorback option works as well. Also up the number of Missile Launchers to four in the Devastator squad and swap their Razorback for a Rhino whilst the small Tactical squad gets the Razorback.

With that in mind you make your army more unified (no sacrificing of a unit with drop pod) and greatly improve your scoring presence which is very important here.

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