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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Email in: Help with list tweaking

"Hey Kirby,

Ive only recently found your blog and it has blown my mind, I would consider myself a C+ grade player and reading your blog has made me want to be a better player and hobbiest. I especially enjoyed your recent battle reports even thoe I dont play nids Ive learnt alot. The reason Im emailing is I read (about 10 times) your 4 part psycoteaz articles and decided to build a similar army. Ive already got alot of grey knights and have run draigo-wing at 1750 and what I would call "combined arms" at 2000 points which included a libby, GM, full termie squad, full GKSS in rhino, full interceptor squad, 2 x psyfledread and a teleporting dreadknight with sword and incinterator while fun I found that list had trouble dealing with some MSU and was suppressed rather quickly its the list I use most for friendly games at my local club in Townsville. So taking the bits that I liked out of your psycoteaz army and adding some bits that I wanted I came up with this.

Coteaz @ 100
Crowe @ 150

3 x purifier squads @ 287 consisting of

8 men 2 psycannons 1 hammer (not on KoF) rest with halberds w/ psybolt in rhino

1 x purifier squad @ 245 consisting of

6 men 2 psycannons 1 hammer (not on KoF) rest with halberds w/ psybolt in razor back with HB and psybolt

1 x henchmen squad @ 239 consisting of

2 x jokaero 3 x warrior acolyte w/ meltas and carapace armour 3 x warrior acolyte w/ hot shot lasguns and carapace armour in chimera with dozer blade extra armour and searchlight

3 x dreadnoughts @ 405 all with 2 x autocannon and psybolt

2000 neat

Now for my reasoning behind each selection and the upgrades I chose. The 3 purifier squads of 8 are the back bone of the army they push midfield and kill anything that comes within 24" pretty easy to do, they can take coteaz with them to help hinder assaults. The psyback squad are for either siting on an out of the way objective or supporting the 3 main squads in kill points missions. The henchmen squad is my back field camping unit/anti heavy armour, they can either sit way back on an objective and just shoot the chimera and jokaeros weapons or if I need the meltas up front Ill swap them with the 6 man purifier squad to sit the back objective, the dreads pretty much do their own thing either moving up for antipsyker Im talking lash/breath/wolves/GK or sitting back and shooting. I know I've gone overboard with psybolt ammo on all the squads but I like being able to wound MEQ on 3+ and if push comes to shove glance AV 10-11 if I totally fluff it with the psycannons/dreadnoughts. The extra armour on the chimera is so it wont get suppressed and left behind. I know carapace and hot shot lasguns on the acolytes means that I dont get as many of them but I would like to think that if they get caught in the open they wont all die to a single units shooting and the hot shots are just good fun.

So any thoughts or ideas you have on the list as a whole would be greatly appreciated Ive got a tourney in just over a month and want to try it out there."

Hard to go wrong with the core of Purifiers and Psyfledreads and Coteaz is never a bad choice. I'd make a couple changes though. Your henchmen squad is very pricey and isn't really doing anything super duper for it's price. What I'd rather see is you turn this into two squads of two jokaeros and a bunch of naked acolytes. Something like 2x Jok and 4-5x Acos. You use these as foot units in your backfield to shoot Lascannons or MMs as you see fit (especially if you get the extra 12" range bonus). They aren't super durable but with cover are going to take some shifting to move and the first several wounds aren't going to stop your firepower at all. With the extra points upgrade the small Purifier squad to a large one so you can use all the Purifiers as aggressive units. Grab an extra Psyback (or two if you can afford it) from the henchmen and you've got Crowe's ride as well.

You may need to shave points to do all this though (and a 2nd transport isn't going to go amiss) and if so Psybolt ammo is your best bet here (on the Purifiers). Whilst wounding MEQs on 3's is great and being able to pen AV10, you're paying 20 points over what is essentially six guys since two have psycannons - not exactly points efficient. You can probably keep it on some squads if you want but I'd prefer to save the points and flesh out the other squads or get that extra transport with the new henchmen unit.

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