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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Email in: more dark eldar grotesque attempts

Four Color Figures

"It's me again! So I have most definitely figured out that Grotesques just really don't have a place in a 1000 point list, but I've continued to work on and test 1500/2000 iterations. Right now I'm still running with Succubus escorts for the Grotesques, but since I like redundancy and try to run two squads of them if I can, I've been experimenting with replacing a Succubus with Urien Rakarth and buying the strength upgrade. This increases expense, but makes the Grotesques less afraid of certain threads (still got munched by a lightning claw Terminator counter-charge... but it was worth it). 

 For the most part I've been sticking with MSU Kabalite Warrior/Venom squads and Ravagers to support the Grotesque Wing, but recently I've played with the idea of throwing in at least one more close combat unit into the mix to cover my bases. I tried replacing a Ravager or two with Taloi with decent results, but I hated how slowly they ran up the field (but if they did hit something the result was always great). I also just now caved a bit in my resistance to the idea of running Wyche squads, but I'm still not sure how to fit them into the list(s). I've also played with the idea of using Incubi, but again I'm not sure how to fit them in without sacrificing other elements.

Sorry to not provide you outright with a list to edit, but if you think adding another combat element to the Grotesque army that I've been trying to perfect (however much you can while using non-optimal units) I would very much appreciate the time/effort. Feel free to ignore the 1000-1500 range, as I can try my best to adapt your standard of 2000 to my group's standard.

Thanks again for helping me with my frankenmonsters,


If you're really going to try and get Grots to work, Urieth is a good idea with is strength bonus - it gives them more utility against tanks since they can get S7 on the charge with a couple of pain tokens. With that in mind though, I'd only run one squad of them around 5-7 strong and use them as a massive tarpit or assaulting parking lots. They will put out a decent amount of wounds but nothing super scary. I'd basically then build a 'normal' Mech list around them with Venoms, Raiders and Ravagers. Use your other Elite slots on Trueborn personally (either Lance or Blasterborn) and use Fast Attack on a combination of Reavers and Beastmasters.

Beastmasters can keep up with the army and lend combat support to the Grots. Whilst they are also weight of attack oriented, the mass amount of Rending attacks you can get helps chew through tougher units and you need your Elite slots to up your number of Darklight weapons. You could go Wyches in Raiders but they are quite expensive (200+ a pop) and still have the issue of the Grots - punching through tough units quickly.

You can also use Harlequins in a Webway list to get the Grots to the fight faster (and then have a harder hitting assaulting standing by) but that's a complete re-vamp of the list you seem to be wanting and would include things like Talos and not Venoms, etc.

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