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Friday, October 7, 2011

Email in: Red Scorpions (Blood Angels) 2000 points

40k Showcase

"Hey kirby, I would like to say thank you to you and your team for this website, it's really a huge source of informations and insight for me.

Here my "problem", I started a force of Red Scorpions after reading IA 9 and I was really looking to adapt them for normal play. I bought Sevrin Loth and his honor squad. I think the Blood Angels could suit the most around the theme of the Red Scorpions with big use of Suanguinary Priest (Apothecary) and I can field directly Sevrin Loth and his honour squad without paying for a captain. So I'll try to use a maximum of this theme and avoiding let's say really fluffy Blood Angels units but I still would like to use the Stormraven Gunship cause I really find it interesting (can work out with the fluff cause the Red Scorpions are really well equipped).

Here the list :

HQ :
Librarian (Sevrin Loth) : Shield of Sanguinus, Blood Lance 100 pts
Honour guard : 4 Meltagun 155 pts

Elite :
Dreadnought Furioso : double Blood talons 125 pts
Assault Terminator : 5 TH & SS 200 pts + LR crusader : MM & Extra Armour 275 pts
Apothicary*2 : 100 pts

8* Tactical Marines : Meltagun, PF + Rhino 218 pts
8* Tactical Marines : Meltagun, PF + Rhino 218 pts
5* ASM + Razorback : HB 120 pts
5* ASM + Razorback : HB 120 pts

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder tornado : HF, MM 70 pts
Land Speeder tornado : HF, MM 70 pts

Heavy Support :
Stormraven Gunship : MM, Assault Cannon, Extra Armour 215 pts

Total : 1986 pts

General tactic would be to bring the Libi + Furioso in SR and Termi in LR in the face of the opponent and the troops to have a midfield presence to grab objectives. The Land Speeders add more disruption and can aim at both infantry and mech.

What do you think about it, and what can be improve following this theme?"

A quick rules thing - the Tactical squads are illegal as you need a minimum of 10 to take special weapons. With that out of the way, the whole concept seems a bit all over the place but we can streamline this. First, drop the Land Raider Crusader and grab another Storm Raven. I personally would replace the Assault Terminators with another Furioso but if you want to run the TH/SS, that's fine. The Speeders are fine and the base of the Priests/Libby/Honor Guard as well but we should try and give them Jump Packs so they don't have to ride in the Ravens - we don't want them to be super big targets. This is of course a modelling thing, are you happy to put Jump Packs on those guys? Magnets would help out obviously.

If so run them with Jump Packs, the Priests don't really need them though and can go in the Razorbacks. Then make all four of your Troops 5xASM w/meltagun, infernous pistol, TL-HF Razorback. You're a bit light on scoring with only 4x5x Troops so if you have significant amount of points leftover, grab another one of these or maybe a Scout squad with cloaks for objective camping.

This streamlines the concept a lot but still isn't super fantastic unless you forego the Honor Guard, grab six Troops and maybe upgrade the guns on the Razorbacks. As it is now though you've got the Stormravens to pressure your opponent with vehicle saturation from the Speeders/Razorbacks. Just be careful how much you put in those Stormravens as they will be shot early and if you dump 500+ points into them, when they go down they take down a lot of your army with it.

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