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Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Author - Crynn

Hey guys,

I’m Crynn – Chris, either is fine.
Firstly I’d like to thank Kirby for letting me contribute to this blog. Secondly I’d like to thank all those regular readers who come on the chatbawks and keep me entertained through my work breaks.
So a little about me for those very few who may actually give a fiddle. I’m Australian, 25, I work for a government organisation as a researcher but on the weekends I work as a singer and a topless barman at hen’s nights. I know none of that really goes together at all but hey, life would be boring if I did the same thing every day.
I have played Warhammer for over 14 years now. It’s a little different to my other hobbies but that is why I enjoy it so much. When I was young I had two hobbies, chess and art. The natural assimilation of them both over my childhood led me to Warhammer and I’ve been playing ever since. Since I picked up Warhammer 40k as a youngster I have played pretty much every type of marine army under the sun, I have a soft spot for them. As a kid I loved knights and Space Marines were as close as I could get in the 41 millennium. During 3rd edition I settled on my favourite chapters and for the better part of 10 years now, I have avidly played Blood Angels and Grey Knights as my two main armies.

I view Warhammer like chess, a chance to push my brain to its tactical limits and learn how to become a better general. You won’t find me searching for the fluffy game where we re-enact cool stories on the battlefield, rather I get enjoyment from the challenge of a quality opponent. I don’t believe fun and competition have to be mutually exclusive as I have always found the most challenging games are the most enjoyable.
Generally my articles will focus around Warhammer 40k tactics, especially less commonly employed tactics or less commonly used units, though I may mix it up with the occasional hobby article. This brings me to the other part of the hobby I really enjoy, converting. As much as I enjoy working out the best way to build a 40k army or maximise a units potential, I would lose all interest in the game if it wasn’t for the cool models and the almost unlimited converting opportunities they offer. This has also been my Achilles heel though, as it generally means I take a while to build and paint an army ready for the table top.
So, after all that, I look forward to getting to know some of you better over the Chatbawks and maybe I will be lucky enough to enjoy a game with some of you in the future.

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