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Friday, November 4, 2011

Almost Feast of Blades Time!

Like the title say.

As this is being posted up I'll be setting up terrain in the main ballroom. The event starts tomorrow and runs throughout the weekend. I'll be rules-judging during both the team tournament and the main open and invitational events, and generally hanging 'round when those events aren't running.

It should be pretty easy to find me at the event, I'll be wearing a red staff shirt, patrolling the tables just about all the time. I'd love to talk to any of you readers out there; I'm more than happy to talk about lists, ooh and aah at your conversions, and generally hang out with the gamer crowd if you find me. If you're having trouble locating me, ask for Maxx or Sir Biscuit, just about all the staff know me and can point you in the right direction.

I understand that the top table is being livestreamed as well; I'll be sure to stop by for a bit and hang in the chat with you fine folks. When I'm not patrolling tables, that is. =P

Sure to be a fun event, if you're not there or I don't see you don't despair, and remember, you're all my very special favorite. <3

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